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Prestissimo (Skill).png


Increase Prestissiomo's invincibility during by 0.03 seconds.
Base Stamina consumption becomes 16.
Decreases Stamina penaltdy by 1 when reused during Mana Shock.
- Can be used with a Spellwhip equipped.
- Move quickly using a dimensionaly gateway.
- Travels faster, faster, and is safer then Crescendo.
- Prestissimo impedes Arisha's mana circulastion, restriction her Stamina and costing a large amount of Stamina when reusing Prestissimo.
- The amount of SP consumed when reusing the skill is lessened as skill rank increases.

Move: Doge [Space] during Crescendo's prelude action.
Keybard: Evade [A] during Crescendo's prelude action.

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