Perilous Ruins

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Description[edit source]

Perilous Ruins is the first boat from the port and is considered to be the training area. All of the battle quests with the exception of Trampled Plains cost no tokens to enter and weapons and armor do not deteriorate. Gnolls are often found here. A unique aspect to the battle environment in the Perilous Ruins is the amount of debris. In almost every room or passageway a broken piece of wood, large pot, or even a large disk-like plate can be found and used as a weapon in combat. This gives players fighting mobs within the Perilous Ruins many more options in combat rather then just hacking and slashing through the enemy.

The Perilous Ruins also has a unique set of traps inside the dungeon. (Example: Player sometimes run across tripwires that activate the traps and are prone to be hit by large spiked logs swinging from elevated positions.)

Perilous Ruins on Map
[edit source]

Colhen Battle Map.png

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