Pact: A New Magician

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Pact: A New Magician Req. Level:
You must have completed the story "Pact: Brynn's Request".
Jarlath (NPC).png Jarlath (NPC).png
Starts with Jarlath Ends with Jarlath
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Jarlath at the Magician's Guild.
2. Find the Shiny Blue Fruit in Battle Quest Gnoll King, Ruler of the Ruins.
3. Talk to Jarlath at the Magician's Guild.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 0 Gold (Icon).png 37500 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
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Stories Unlocked:

Story Dialogue
Talk to Jarlath at the Rocheste Magician's Guild.
Jarlath (NPC Icon).png Jarlath

I hear you seek a way to cure the oracle of Colhen.

A sleeping oracle...

I fear I cannot help you.
Nor do I think anyone else can.

I suggest you simply let things be.

[You select "Reilly..."]:

Jarlath (NPC Icon).png Jarlath

W-what did you just say?

[You select "Reilly might..."]:

Jarlath (NPC Icon).png Jarlath

Who, Reilly? N-not a chance!
He knows nothing about anything!

I would give you a better answer
than that crazy old man!

[You select "So tell me..."]:

Jarlath (NPC Icon).png Jarlath

I...I just told you I don't know!

[You select "Reilly, then..."]:

Jarlath (NPC Icon).png Jarlath

Oh, it's obvious what he would tell you!
He would tell you to bring him the Blue Fruit.

But in truth, you need the Shiny Blue Fruit from the ruins,
not the Blue Fruit!

And even if you bring the fruit to Reilly,
he doesn't know how to make anything from it.

But I can.
So, don't waste your time with that fool.

Find the Shiny Blue Fruit in Battle Quest Gnoll King, Ruler of the Ruins and bring it to Jarlath.
Jarlath (NPC Icon).png Jarlath that? Why have you brought this?
How did you know...about Shiny Blue Fruit?

Did I tell you of this?
No...impossible. I couldn't...

Leave me alone. Go.

[You select "So, Reilly..."]:

Jarlath (NPC Icon).png Jarlath

What does this have to do with Reilly?
Give that to me!

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Delivered [[Shiny Blue Fruit|Shiny Blue Fruit]]
Jarlath (NPC Icon).png Jarlath

Reilly would turn this into poison,
not medicine!

What do you think would happen to your oracle
if you fed her something like that? Eh?

(Jarlath continues to complain about the situation
while making the medicine.)

Jarlath (NPC Icon).png Jarlath

Here, look at this.
See how the color shifted from blue to bright pink?

This is the way it must be.
This is the Awakening Vial. Wakes anything. ANYTHING.

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Reward: Awakening Vial
Jarlath (NPC Icon).png Jarlath

This will awaken the oracle.
And be sure to tell her:

Jarlath made this medicine,
not Reilly.

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You learned the Story: Pact: Staying Awake.