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Outfit hand armors

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List of Outfit Hand Armors[edit | edit source]

Aerial Agility Gloves.png
Aerial Agility Gloves
Aerial Grace Gloves.png
Aerial Grace Gloves
Aurora Princess Gloves (Event).png
Aurora Princess Gloves (Event) 20 20 1
Casual Suit Gloves.png
Casual Suit Gloves
Classic Floral Yukata Bracelet.png
Classic Floral Yukata Bracelet
Fists of Steel.png
Fists of Steel +10 10
Fists of Steel.png
Fists of Steel +15 10
Fists of Steel.png
Fists of Steel +20 10
Fists of Steel.png
Fists of Steel +25 10
Fists of Steel.png
Fists of Steel +30 10
Flamenco Bracelet.png
Flamenco Bracelet
Floral Yukata Bracelet.png
Floral Yukata Bracelet
Forgemistress Gloves.png
Forgemistress Gloves 20 20 1
Garter Plated Hard Gloves.png
Garter Plated Hard Gloves
Garter Plated Metal Gloves.png
Garter Plated Metal Gloves
Garter Plated Tight Greaves.png
Garter Plated Tight Greaves
Need Image.png
Gothic Frill Arm Warmers 20 20 1
High Elf Prince Leather Gloves.png
High Elf Prince Leather Gloves
High Elf Princess Gloves.png
High Elf Princess Gloves
Honored Betrothed Ring.png
Honored Betrothed Ring
Impeccable Maid Cuffs.png
Impeccable Maid Cuffs 70 70 2
Indomitable Fighter Gloves.png
Indomitable Fighter Gloves 20 20 1
Iset Bracelet (Gift).png
Iset Bracelet (Gift) 70 70 2
Jolly Chun-hyang Gloves[1] 20 20 1
Keaghan Arm Guards (Gift).png
Keaghan Arm Guards (Gift) 70 70 2
Lady Leporine Sleeves.png
Lady Leporine Sleeves 20 20 1
Need Image.png
Law Officer Gloves 20 20 1
Mad Psycho Gloves.png
Mad Psycho Gloves
Nurse Gloves.png
Nurse Gloves 20 20 1
Need Image.png
Peace Officer Gloves 20 20 1
Ringmaster Gloves 20 20 1
Ringmistress Gloves.png
Ringmistress Gloves 20 20 1
Royal Vampire Sleeves.png
Royal Vampire Sleeves 70 70 2
Samurai Gloves.png
Samurai Gloves 20 20 1
Special Tieve Sleves.png
Special Tieve Sleves 70 70 2
Special Trivene Witch Mini Claw.png
Special Trivene Witch Mini Claw 70 70 2
Majestic Tuxedo Gloves.png
Special Tuxedo Gloves 70 70 2
Supreme Elegant Enchantress Gloves 70 70 2
Tin-Can Robot Gauntlets (Event) 20 20 1
V.R.M.C. Gloves.png
V.R.M.C. Outlaw Gloves 70 70 2
Vampire Bride Gauntlet.png
Vampire Bride Gauntlet 70 70 2
World Class Ringmaster Gloves 70 70 2

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. This item contains content that may not be officially released by NA Nexon and the article may be based on Vindictus overseas.