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What is Nexon Launcher[edit | edit source]

Nexon Launcher is a program through you can manage your Nexon's Games. In launcher you can see two different types of games. Nexon create computer and mobile games. Where Nexon have for computer 8 games and for mobile devices 12 games.
Vindictus is game for computers, as you can know. More games for desktop development by Nexon you can see below.

Games Development for PC[edit | edit source]

Maple Story 2 Launcher.png
Maple Story 2

Riders of Icarus Launcher.png
Riders of Icarus

Maple Story Launcher.png
Maple Story

Counter-Strike Nexon Zombies Launcher.png
Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies

Mabinogi Launcher.png

Vindictus Launcher.png

Games Development for Mobiles[edit | edit source]

Power Rangers All Stars Launcher.png
Power Rangers...

MARVEL Battle Lines Launcher.png
MARVEL Battle Lines

Maple Story M Launcher.png
Maple Story M

Darkness Rises Launcher.png
Darkness Rises

After The End Launcher.png
After The End

Dominations Launcher.png

Dynasty Warriors Launcher.png
Dynasty Warriors

Evil Factory Launcher.png
Evil Factory

HIT Launcher.png

Master of Eternity Launcher.png
Master of Eternity

Returners Launcher.png

Romance of the Three Kingdoms The Legend of CaoCao Launcher.png
Romance of...

If you want to play any of the games, you must have installed Nexon Launcher too.
See also Nexon Nexon Launcher Settings

How it works[edit | edit source]

Nexon Luncher.jpg
Before you start any game, you must login. For example i am logged in as Marks, you can see my account name at right top. From the launcher you have access to news on the server.
For start game you must click to play button. Then you have three options what can happen.

  • 1) Launcher tell you, the server is under maintenance. Then you cannot to play. You must wait to end of the maintenance. Mostly is there write a time when the server will be again online.
  • 2) It is happening after maintenances or if you don't play too long. You will start downloading updates of the game. By the size of the patch this take some time. Mostly is downloading quickly.
  • 3) And the third option is the game normally started.

Where download Vindictus[edit | edit source]

You can download Vindictus at official Nexon's Websites: [Vindictus Official Websites]
Or you can download it also across the steam: [Vindictus At Steam]

News in the launcher[edit | edit source]

In the launcher you can switch between few news. For example update logs, sales at the server, general news and events.
Are here also community news where you have newest live streams created by community.