Nel's Flour

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Nel's Flour Req. Level: 60
Nel (NPC).png Nel (NPC).png
Starts with Nel Ends with Nel
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Nel at the Royal Army Base.
2. Talk to Caryl at the Bar.
3. Obtain the Forgotten Flour Bag in Battle Quest Another Storeroom.
4. Talk to Nel at the Royal Army Base.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 38000 Gold (Icon).png 112100 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
Stories Unlocked:

Story Dialogue
Talk to Nel at the Royal Army Base.
Nel (NPC Icon).png Nel

I have something I need.

Would you please help me out?

(She gestures for you to come closer.)

(Nel whispers in your ear softly.)

Nel (NPC Icon).png Nel

The truth is... I want to bake some bread for Riordan.
But I've never tried baking before...

I guess I can always throw it out if it doesn't work...
Still, please don't tell Riordan. Promise?

Haha. Okay <Belle>, I trust you.
Anyway, I need some flour, right?

I heard that you found some flour before.
You can do it, right? Thank you!

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You learned the Story: Promise with Nel.
Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan


Since it's Nel's request, you really should help out. But who were you supposed to go to for flour...?
Caryl (NPC Icon).png Caryl

So, what brought you here today?

(You explain you need flour.)
Flour? Sorry, but I'm all out today.

Is it urgent?
You could look for some at Another Storeroom.

There might be some flour left.
Feel free to keep whatever you find

Good luck.

Obtain the Forgotten Flour Bag in Battle Quest Another Storeroom and then deliver it to Nel.
Nel (NPC Icon).png Nel

What is this?

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Delivered [[Forgotten Flour Bag|Forgotten Flour Bag]]
Nel (NPC Icon).png Nel

Flour? Oh, so this is flour!
It's inside of this sack, right?

But then, how do you open this?

(Nel pulls the top as hard as she can.
Before you can stop her...)

(FOOMPH! The sack bursts open.)

Excuse me. Wow, it goes everywhere!

Heehee. I've never played with flour before.
It's so light!

(There's barely half left in the sack now. The rest is decorating the floor, walls, you, and Nel.)

Nel (NPC Icon).png Nel

It's okay. I'm only going to make one loaf.
Wow, this is so soft.

I'm sure I can make tasty bread with this. Haha. Thank you, <Belle>.

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You learned the Story: Nel's Sugar.
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Reward: You have received 112100 EXP.
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Reward: 38000 gold