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My Kai Bow Progression

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This is my first guide so bare with me (^_^;)

Overall Progression[edit | edit source]

NOTE: This is only my opinion so it's okay if you don't like it

Wooden Beast --> Crimson Rage Bow OR Red Metal Bow --> Goblin Scimitar Bow --> Gilded Spire --> Black Scar Bow --> Royal Gilded Spire --> Ivory Bow --> Dreamwalker Bow

Wooden Beast (Lv. 1 to 10)[edit | edit source]

Well of course you’ll start off with this. Not much to say about this. I recommend keeping this until Lv. 10. You will get the Crimson Blade Bow but it’s pretty much worthless in comparison to the Wooden Beast. WB’s stats are all superior to CBB’s stats except for Willpower (but CBB only provides +6 WIL which won’t really make a difference and the bosses in between Levels 1-10 are too slow to knock you down anyway).

OPTIONAL: Renewed Friendship Bow[edit | edit source]

The RFB is basically like WB but with an ATT boost of about 100 points. It lowers your other stats but only by a couple points (with the exception being Agility since it drops you by 28 points). Overall, if you don’t care about the slight stat drop and Agility drop and just want a simple attack boost, feel free to use this considering it’s free. Keep in mind that the Crimson Rage Bow is only two levels away (Lv. 10) so if you do use it, don’t get too attached to it.

OPTION 1: Crimson Rage Bow (Lv. 10 to 26)[edit | edit source]

Now we’re talking, other than providing no Agility like WB and a slight drop in Crit. Chance, the Crimson Rage Bow is great. It increases your ATT by (almost) 500 and your DEF by 145. It also gives a slight boost in WIL and STR. The drop in Crit. Chance is there but hardly noticeable and the increased ATT pretty much compensates for that or you can wait two levels for the Red Metal Bow…

OPTION 2: Red Metal Bow (Lv. 12 to 26)[edit | edit source]

This bow can be used at Lv. 12, In order to get the materials to craft this; you need Red Metal from “Kobold Chief” which can only be done at Lv. 19. If you have money to spend, you can get this from the Marketplace rather than crafting the Crimson Rage Bow. Choosing between CRB and RMB is basically a decision between DEF and ATT (a decision you’ll make again at Lv. 40). CRB has +145 DEF over RMB but RMB has +310 ATT over CRB. CRB also has higher STR and WIL but RMB has higher AGI, and CRIT. In my opinion, I would stick with CRB since it’s more balanced than RMB but it’s your choice.

OPTIONAL: Kobold Bow[edit | edit source]

The Kobold Bow is… okay. It’s very similar to the Red Metal Bow except for a slight drop in AGI and ATT. The main reason I’ve listed this bow as optional is because it doesn’t have as much “range” than CRB and RMB. Without considering BAL, CRB boost 6 stats, RMB boost 5 stats, and KB only boost 4 stats. KB is pretty much a fusion of CRB and RMB since all of its stats are in between the other two (for example, its STR is 7 while CRB is 12 and RMB is 4). It would be a good choice if it were around Lv. 10 but seems a bit lacking for a Lv. 20 Bow.

Goblin Scimitar Bow (Lv. 26 to 30)[edit | edit source]

This Bow provides a boost in STR, ATT, and CRIT in comparison to both CRB and RMB. It will drop your INT but that isn’t too important for Kai. If you chose the CRB, it will have a small drop in WIL and a pretty big drop in DEF but Kai is meant to be away from the action so DEF is nice, but not vital. If you chose RMB, it drops AGI but once again, AGI isn’t too important. Even though you’re only 4 Levels away from the Gilded Spire, this bow is good and is worthy enough to last you for a while.

OPTIONAL: Vampiric Bow[edit | edit source]

I don’t want to say too much about this bow considering the Gilded Spire is only two levels away. In comparison to GSB, this bow has a drop in STR and WIL but everything else has a considerable boost; but then again, the Gilded Spire is only 2 levels away so it would be best to just tough it out for those two.

OPTIONAL: Bone Spiked Bow[edit | edit source]

Once again, I don’t want to say too much since the GS is only 3 levels away but this bow is a considerable improvement from the Vampiric Bow with boost WIL and +230 boost in ATT but it does have a slight drop in STR, AGI, and INT.

Gilded Spire (Lv. 30 to 36)[edit | edit source]

This bow is a must until Lv. 36. With an exception of a slight STR drop, this Bow is superior to Goblin Scimitar in all stats. At Lv. 36, you’ll get the next bow but I highly recommend keeping this bow so you can upgrade it to Royal Gilded Spire.

Black Scar Bow (Lv. 36 to 42)[edit | edit source]

With the exception of WIL, this bow provides an adequate boost in all stats and a +240 boost in attack. Not much to say but it should hold you over for about 6 levels.

Royal Gilded Spire (Lv. 42 to 54)[edit | edit source]

Other than a VERY small drop in AGI, this bow has an all stat boost in comparison to BCB and it will last you until Lv. 54 so you might want to enchant and enhance this one considering how long you'll have it.

OPTIONAL: Ewynsoch Bow[edit | edit source]

Meh, this bow provides some boost and some drops in comparison to RGS. It gives a 100 ATT boost but I recommend just enhancing the RGS to +2 to parallel it’s ATT.

OPTIONAL: Broken Horn Bow[edit | edit source]

With very small drops in AGI, WIL, and CRIT, this bow provides MAJOR boost in STR and ATT ( +32 STR and a whopping +685 ATT Boost). Besides, the CRIT and AGI drops are hardly noticeable. But don’t get too close to it cause an AWESOME bow is about to come your way at Lv. 54.

Ivory Bow (Lv. 54 to 60)[edit | edit source]

Only a Agility Drop of TWO POINTS, this bow makes the Royal Gilded Spire look like the Crimson Blade Bow AND you can get Set Bonus. It will last you until Lv. 60.

OPTIONAL: Prompush Bow[edit | edit source]

It gives and a good ATT and CRIT boost but you’re only one level away from the vast arsenal of Lv. 60 bows so I wouldn’t waste my gold and resources on it.

OPTIONAL: Teten Bow[edit | edit source]

Dreamwalker Bow[edit | edit source]

NOTE: There are several bows for Lv. 60 and this is only MY OPINION. You can also choose the Teten bow rather than this but The WIL boost is only by +6 and even though the ATT is higher, this bow has a higher BAL to even it and has higher stats overall. This bow is my personal choice for Lv. 60. I don’t want to say too much about the Lv. 60 bows since I believe it’s more of a personal preference at Lv. 60. One advantage the DB has is that it has a set bonus of DEF +185, STR +18, AGI +18, INT +18, and HP +75.