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DevCAT Face (Icon).png This article includes content which has been removed from the game.

Some or all of the following content has been removed from Vindictus by Nexon.

What is Monster Brawl Brawl?[edit | edit source]

Monster Brawl is a mode that pairs teams up with one or three different bosses in a PvP arena. The side that takes the opponent’s Boss (or Bosses) down wins the match. Players of level 40 to 70 can compete in a Boss Brawl. To start a match, a minimum of 4 players are required with up to a maximum of 8 players. All of the Character’s equipment and skills are taken and can be used freely. The Bosses on both teams attack targets at random, though attacking them can draw their attention to you.

How to Participate[edit | edit source]

Monster Brawl initiates through the Exploration board at either Colhen or Rocheste docks.

Please heed that only levels 40 and above are able to participate. A window pops up asking for your mode selection when clicked the Boss Brawl icon. Select the mode that you wish to participate in, either Single Brawl or Triple Brawl. Like existing matches, participating as a team is also available. To arrange a team with friends, create a party without starting a battle. Once your party is filled, choose to create the Brawl. All existing party members will be invited into the Brawl.

Monster Brawl Modes[edit | edit source]

Single Brawl[edit | edit source]

A brawl will progress after it has randomly selected a Boss. Bosses selected to each team will be unknown until the start of the brawl.

Triple Brawl[edit | edit source]

The order of 3 types of Bosses can be decided on your own. It is a system where the next boss appears when the first boss has been slain. As each and every boss possesses different attributes, qualities, specialties, features, etc., appropriate strategies and tactics are recommended. Remember that the ultimate goal is to kill the Bosses. While it can be advantageous to disrupt the enemy players, you don't want to get too focused and neglect killing their boss.

About the Bosses[edit | edit source]

In Boss Brawl 2 special elements are included. These are Monster Assist and Boss Level-Up.

Monster Assist[edit | edit source]

Monster Assist is a special feature of Boss Brawl. A scroll containing a special Boss can be summoned to interrupt the flow of the battle by appearing on stage attacking the opponent’s players and boss, before it disappears like a shadow. The scroll to summon these bosses is purchasable through the Royal Army Recruit's store with the Combat Seals. The special scroll summon bosses include: Blood Lord, Cold Imich, Klaus and Ingkells.

Monster Level-Up[edit | edit source]

In Monster Brawl, bosses can level-up. They can get stronger by killing enemy players. Bosses can level up to 5. It is important to take down the opponent’s boss however, is also important to keep the opponent’s boss from leveling up.

Rank Assessment & Reward[edit | edit source]

Reward: Combat Seal[edit | edit source]

The winning team's players are each rewarded with 4 Combat Seals in Single Brawl, and 5 Combat Seals in Triple Brawl. Each member of the losing team is rewarded with 1 Combat Seal for both Single and Triple Brawl.

Combat Seal[edit | edit source]

With this seal, new items can be purchased through the Royal Army Recruit's store. Boss Brawl-exclusive Monster Assist items as well as buff items that can be used within battles and towns are can be purchased with Combat Seals.