Masquerade Gentleman Set

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Masquerade Gentleman Mask.png Masquerade Gentleman Mask Masquerade Cape.png Masquerade Cape
Masquerade Pants.png Masquerade Pants Masquerade Half Gloves.png Masquerade Half Gloves
Masquerade Shoes.png Masquerade Shoes
Set Bonus

2 Pieces: ATT +25, M.ATT +25
3 Pieces: ATT +45, M.ATT +45
4 Pieces: ATT +75, M.ATT +75
5 Pieces: ATT +150, M.ATT +150

Total Set Effects (without Set Bonus)
Full Set Restrictions
Level: 1 - Max Level
Weight: stones
Class: Lann, Karok, Kai, Hurk, Sylas, Grimden

Contains a full outfit once in a city on the water for their festival of masks.
- Masquerade Gentleman Mask
- Masquerade Cape
- Masquerade Pants
- Masquerade Half Gloves
- Masquerade Shoes
ATT +100, M.ATT +100, Movement Speed (Town) +5%

Method to Obtain[edit source]

In Outfitter Shop and Marketplace 19900 NX


Masquerade Gentleman Set (Grimden 1).png
Masquerade Gentleman Set (Grimden 2).png
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