Mana Bis

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Mana Bis (Skill).png
Mana Bis


You can activate Mana bis.
- Can only be used with a Spellwhip equipped.
- Infuses the mana of your Focus into your Spellwhip.
- If mana is already infused, then Mana Bis can be removed with the same action.
- Spellwhips injected with mana inflict additional hits.
- Additional hits deal damage equal to 0.2 bade damage.
- Cannot charge mana with actions that consume mana while in a Mana Bis state.
- Breathless Rush can be charged up to level 20 while in the Mana Bis state.
- Each attack consumes mana, and once mana is depleted, the attack dchanges to a normal attack.

Mouse: [TAB]
Keyboard: [TAB]
Mana Bis will be activated/deactivated dependin on your controls.

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