Mana Agrement

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Mana Agrement (Skill).png
Mana Agrement


Increases damage by 25%.
Increases your chance of knocking down oppents by 25%.
- Can only be use with a Spellwhip equipped.
- Mana Agrement is an attack that explodes a nearby enamy with the magic power of the Focus.
- By defalult, it can only be used after Crescendo and Accentato. But it can also be used when A Battuta is used to block an attack.
- Increases damage when A Battuta is used to consecutively block enemy attacks. (Up tp 3 times)
- Damage may vary according to command controls and activation conditions.
Higher skill ranks allow for more powerful attacks.

<Activation Conditions>
Alfter Crescendo or Accentato, or after successfully blocking with A Battuta.
Mouse: [A] - [D] or [A] - [S] - [D] (enhanced)
Consumes 50 SP in the case of enhanced attacks.

Keybaord: [<-] - [->] or [<-] - [Down] - [->] (enhanced)
Consumes 50 SP in the case of enhanced attacks.

Additional Details[edit | edit source]

  • Arisha-only skill.
    • Increase Damage
    • Increase Knockdown Rate