Lost and Damned

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Lost and Damned Tab.png
Scroll (Battle Icon).png
The undead will rise from the black water.
Battle Name Lost and Damned
Mission Defeat Mad Willy Flint (*P)
Difficulty Lv.50 - 69 & Lv.70 - 80
Leads to
Location Ship Graveyard

This battle has no limit to attack power.

Fatigue Cost: None
Quick Battle Requirements
Power: 0 Technique: 0 Counterforce: 0
Gold Experience (Icon).png 50→25 Ability Point (Icon).png
Battle Limit No Limits Max Party Size 4 players
Appearance Season 2 Time Limit 60 minutes
Mid Boss(es) None End Boss(es) Mad Willy Flint

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest given by:
Related quests: No results

Details[edit | edit source]

Lost and Damned is the second Season 2 Ship Graveyard story battle. The boss of this battle is Mad Willy Flint, who is otherwise known as the Cursed Captain. The related story for this battle is Wild Brother Chase.

The Cursed Captain has several special attacks that cannot be blocked and must be avoided. These special attacks hit much harder than his non-special attacks. The first of these attacks is a poison cloud in the air. As long as the player does not jump into the cloud, they will deal no damage. Shortly after using the poison cloud, the Cursed Captain will use his second special attack. This attack is a series of red waves along the ground. It is possible to avoid them by jumping, but it can be very difficult to get the timing right to dodge them all. For the third special attack, the Cursed Captain throws a series of red disks towards a player. These must be dodged to the side.

When the Cursed Captain reaches around 4 bars of HP left, he will become enraged. A blue flame will glow around him when this occurs. While enraged, The Cursed Captain's special attacks of the red waves and disks will be chained up to 8 times in a row, making dodging them essential to victory. It is highly recommended to save your Transformation, Fury Stimulants and Ironhide Stimulants until this point. The longer the battle goes on at 4 bars of HP left, the more difficult it will be to survive his assault.

This is a story related battle, and can only be hosted by a player currently on the story. It can only be hosted and completed once by that player. If another player hosts, someone who has already completed the story will still be able to join. You must choose the difficulty that suits your character's level for the story. If the story is completed, you may choose to join any difficulty. If you have not unlocked the related story for this battle, you will be unable to join it.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

End Boss[edit | edit source]

Common Enemies[edit | edit source]

Missions[edit | edit source]

Main Mission[edit | edit source]

Battle points Gained Mission Requirement Gold Gained Experience Gained AP Gained
Lv.50 - 69 Lv.70 - 80 Lv.50 - 69 Lv.70 - 80 Lv.50 - 69 Lv.70 - 80
100 Defeat Mad Willy Flint (*P) Gold (Icon).png Gold (Icon).png Experience (Icon).png Experience (Icon).png Ability Point (Icon).png Ability Point (Icon).png

Maps[edit | edit source]

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