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Description of Columns[edit | edit source]

  • Name of Battle = The name of the Battle Quest.
  • Location = The place where the Battle Quest takes place.
  • Level = The minimum level required to start the Battle Quest.
  • Description = The in-game description of the Battle Quest.
  • Gold = The amount of gold earned for finishing the Battle Quest (not including Bonus Quests).
  • Exp = The amount of experience earned for finishing the Battle Quest (not including Oaths of Honor).
  • AP = The amount of AP earned for completing the Battle Quest for the first time.

Battle Quest is completed, down to this amount.

Ben Chenner Entrance[edit source]

Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Autumn Reed Bed Ben Chenner Entrance 75 Search Ben Chenner, Remember, we'll be keeping an eye on you. 5,000 1,457,600 5
Deciduous Forest Ben Chenner Entrance 75 You must investigate Ben Chenner this time. That place is worth checking out. 15,100 1,457,600 10
Glowing Plant Ben Chenner Entrance 75 You must find the Light Shade, but it only grows in Ben Chenner. 15,100 1,457,600 15
Garden Guardian Ben Chenner Entrance 75 Investigate the Wood Elves, no matter what it costs. 20,200 1,457,600 10
Over the Edge Ben Chenner Entrance 80 You'll need a special document for that order. I'll see to it you have backup waiting at the north gate of Rocheste. 15,100 1,020,000 15
Garden of Tears Ben Chenner Entrance 90 Visit the queen of the fallen elves. 62,400 1,249,400 50
Corrupted Queen Ben Chenner Entrance 90 The Fallen Wood Elves and their queen present an interesting study. 121,600 1,749,100 50

Ben Chenner Slopes[edit source]

Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Temple of the Fallen Moon Ben Chenner Slopes 90 A familiar face waited you in the Temple of the Fallen Moon, but not a welcome one. 62,400 1,249,400 50
Light and Shadows Ben Chenner Slopes 90 I must to know what lies within... And I will go as far as it takes. 121,600 1,749,100 50

Ben Chenner Trailhead[edit source]

Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Far Off Still Ben Chenner Trailhead 80 We're finally heading to Berbhe. It still feels so far off.. 15,100 1,020,000 15
Island Ruins Ben Chenner Trailhead 90 Something evil waited in the Elven ruins... 62,400 1,249,400 50
Orders from Above Ben Chenner Trailhead 90 Find the entrance to Ben Chenner. 5,000 1,457,600 15
A Friend Once Lost Ben Chenner Trailhead 90 Don't work yourself too hard, okay? 15,100 1,457,600 15
River on Fire Ben Chenner Trailhead 90 This mountain is strange. Why are there artifacts from Erinn here? 15,100 1,457,600 15
The Fallen Guardian Ben Chenner Trailhead 90 Maybe you should let me go into the ruins alone... 20,200 1,457,600 10
Twist in Time Ben Chenner Trailhead 90 What in the world is in that ruin? 121,600 1,749,100 50
Summoning Remnant Ben Chenner Trailhead 90 Investigate the ruins for clues without being caught by the Pontiff's Court guards. 5,000 1,457,600 10
Ben Chenner Trailhead Ben Chenner Trailhead 90 You had to wade through the interruptions of the Wood Elves to make it this far. Whatare they hiding? 22,700 1,416,000 25