Lily of the Valorous

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Lily of the Valorous (Skill).png
Lily of the Valorous


- Can only be used when a Battleshade is equipped.
- Lily of the Valorous lets you channel and centrate Qi for attacks.
- You can stack up 10 Qi. Higher skill ranks allow for more Qi and faster charging.
- Aside from Qi naturally charget throught Lily ofthe Valorous, you can aslo stack more Qi with Pollen Wallop. Petal to the Metal, or Bloom following a regular attack.
- Reaching Rank A for this skill lets you instantly burs the channeled Qi for a wide-orange attack that recharges Qi equal to enemies hit.
- Pressing directional keys during the Qi explsion lets you connect it to Flora Break.

Qi Explosion
Mouse: [Left-click] x 4 - [Right-click] x 1
Keyboard: [S] x 4 - [D] x 1
<Flora Break's additional attack during Qi Explosion>
SP Consumed: 50
Mouse: [Left-click] x 1 after Qi exploded
Keyboard: [S] x 1 after Qi exploaded

Addictional Details[edit | edit source]

  • Lynn skill only.
    • Can stack up to 3 Qi
    • Manifests 1 Qi every 25 seconds