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Lifting is a mechanism by which the player can lift enemies into the air.

Mechanism[edit | edit source]

Lifting involves striking an enemy with an attack such that they are interrupted and are thrown up into the air where the slowly fall back to the ground, allowing ample time to attack the enemy. Only ordinary monsters can be lifted; bosses cannot be lifted. Most ordinary monsters can be lifted, and those that are able to be lifted are still able to be lifted even while they are blocking or are their "Hero mode" versions. As such, lifting is an excellent way to immediately disable most monsters to allow for a short period of safer attacking.

Attacks That Lift[edit | edit source]

Attacks that lift are usually characterized by being weak, quick and short-ranged upward strikes, though there are obvious exceptions. Gust Sting fits this description nicely, but Magic Arrow has a long range and is only weak for each individual hit. Generally, it is the first smash combo (smashing after using one normal attack). Some characters have multiple attacks that can lift. All characters have at least one attack that lifts.

Lann[edit | edit source]

Twin Sword[edit | edit source]

Twin Spear[edit | edit source]

Fiona[edit | edit source]

Longsword[edit | edit source]

Long Hammer[edit | edit source]

Evie[edit | edit source]

Staff[edit | edit source]

Battle Scythe[edit | edit source]

Karok[edit | edit source]

Pillar[edit | edit source]

Cestus[edit | edit source]

  • Hurricane Smash

Kai[edit | edit source]

Bow[edit | edit source]

Crossgun[edit | edit source]

Vella[edit | edit source]

Twin Sword[edit | edit source]

  • Gust Sting
  • First smash combo
  • Third smash combo (final hit only)

Dual Blade[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Most lifting attacks allow for auto-jump when the smash button is held. This could imply that lifting may have been intended for characters to bring enemies into the air and attack them with air combos.
  • Pre-Ignition (September Content Update), the amount of attacks that could lift were very limited with some characters lacking them completely. When enemies were lifted up, they flew too high and landed too quickly to be attacked in the air, though it still provided a means to instantly disable enemies. However, they couldn't break through blocks or lift "Hero mode" enemies.
    • With Ignition, some attacks were made to be able to lift and the present system was implemented.
    • With the January 2013 patch, Scythe Evie's Raven Fork was changed in animation and effect. It could now lift. From this point on, any character using any weapon can lift.