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Lakoria (Enemy).png
Type Snake
Location Crescent Moon Island - map I
(Boss of A Ruler's Refuge, Serpent King Lakoria)
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 2

Stats[edit | edit source]

Related Titles[edit | edit source]

Drops[edit | edit source]

Regular Drops[edit | edit source]

Materials Equipment Etc.
All Modes None  None None
Easy Mode Enhancement Stone
Lv. 70 - 79 Mode Lakoria Stomach Exoskeleton, Lakoria Tail, Red Lakoria Poison Flask Imperial Guard Hard Boots, Imperial Guard Hard Gauntlets, Imperial Guard Hard Greaves, Imperial Guard Hard Helmet, Imperial Guard Hard Mail, Imperial Guard Soft Boots, Imperial Guard Soft Gauntlets, Imperial Guard Soft Greaves, Imperial Guard Soft Helmet, Imperial Guard Soft Mail, Royal Guard Heavy Boots, Royal Guard Heavy Gauntlets, Royal Guard Heavy Greaves, Royal Guard Heavy Helmet, Royal Guard Heavy Mail, Royal Guard Light Boots, Royal Guard Light Gauntlets, Royal Guard Light Greaves, Royal Guard Light Helmet, Royal Guard Light Mail None
Lv. 80 - 90 Mode Lakoria Fang, Lakoria Hide, Lakoria Stomach Exoskeleton, Lakoria Tail Righteous Enchant Scroll
Enlightened Enchant Scroll
Silent Enchant Scroll
Journeying Enchant Scroll
Declarative Enchant Scroll

Temporal Enchant Scroll

Quest-Only Drops[edit | edit source]

Break Off Drops[edit | edit source]

Break Off Tips[edit | edit source]

Battle Skills & Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Prepares for a moment then lunges forward with his head, knocking anyone he hits far far away regardless of Active: Slashing High or transformation Resistance. Immediately afterwards, inserts tail into the ground and pokes tail up at players, dealing unblock-able damage. He does so up to ten times: it will target the player farthest away from Lakoria while the last hit is completely random. (If it only hits once, then it's considered the last hit and randomly targets)
  • Stops, towers head high above and spits out poison. They form a small, circular, purple cloud on the ground that continuously damage anyone who is in them. Being in the poison cloud does not cause flinching unless it breaks armor. The spit itself does no damage.
  • Lunges forward with the head, then after a small delay, lunges right, then left, hitting you with his whole body.
  • Looks to the side and then does a biting attack that sweeps in an arc. If in the second phase, then swallows up a party member and deposits them in his stomach.
  • Dives into the ground, preparing him to do certain actions:
    • Blue spots appear around the map. Lakoria slithers across the map, dealing damage and greatly knocking back any who are hit.
    • Comes back up in the center, swirling around for a while and dealing damage which is accompanied by a great knock-back effect to any who are hit. If the party fails to stun Lakoria after the above action, then he will also come up in this way.
    • In Level 70-80 and during second phase, wraps himself around the column at the northern end of the map. Shoots purple poison at various points in the map, leaving behind the purple poison clouds. Comes back up in the center, swirling around for a while and dealing damage which is accompanied by a great knock-back effect to any who are hit.

Tips & Advice[edit | edit source]

  • All attacks are smash attacks except for the first hit (head lunge) of the multi-hit combo (the head lunge is followed by right lunge and left lunge).
  • A very "sandbag"-like boss since his attacks leave extremely large openings.
  • To stun Lakoria during the attack with the "blue spots", stand on a blue spot and use the F10 emote. Doing so will call upon a barrage of ballista in the spot. If Lakoria slithers into the ballistae, he will be hit and stunned for a long time.
  • If Lakoria swallows a player, that person will be deposited in his stomach. Lakoria bacteria line his stomach and are similar to Blood Jelly except with much more HP and larger in size. However, it does not matter whether or not you kill these. The main goal is to get to the end of his stomach and destroy Lakoria's Lymphocytes that lies there. There is a time limit of two minutes: failing to destroy the lymphocyte in time will cause Lakoria to spit out the swallowed player and procure an instant death. Succeeding will cause Lakoria to spit out the swallowed player while he himself becomes stunned for a long time.
  • A popular tactic is to have the weakest member of the party to lure the tail attacks. He/she must go to a place far away from Lakoria and run around (northwest corner works best, sprint in a wide circle), avoiding the tail attack since it targets the farthest player. This allows the party to attack Lakoria without worry until the tenth random hit.
  • If in 70-80 Lakoria, one of the best times to drink potions/repair armor is during his column-climbing poison attack.

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Has two phases:
    • Green skin phase.
    • At 8 and a half health bars (85%), he will shed his skin, revealing yellow spots on his body as well as a menacing frill. All attacks are much faster in this phase.
      • On Easy Mode, Lakoria will never enter the second phase.
  • There is a bug with Lakoria as it enters the second phase. If Lakoria tunnels underground as it hits 8 and a half health bars (85%), the host of the party will crash and all players in the party will be forced to go to the main menu. To avoid this bug, as Lakoria's HP gets close to 85% wait for it to tunnel underground before continuing the dps to bring it's HP below or at 85%. This bug occurs because Lakoria is trying to enter the second phase while a minigame (ballista) is active.

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