Knockdown Power

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Every attack in Vindictus has some amount of knockdown power. Bosses will be stunned if they receive enough knockdown, though the required amount of knockdown generally increases with more party members. Bosses will mostly recover from knockdown power in about 15 seconds, but some of the knockdown buildup is permanent and will not be undone until the boss is knocked down and resets. There are several skills that list an increase in the chance to knock down an enemy, but this is really a direct increase in knockdown power.

The following is a general ranking of attacks in order from most knockdown to least:

  • Knockdown-based SP skills
  • Knockdown-based non-SP skills
  • Direct attack non-knockdown SP skills
  • Thrown heavy objects
  • Magic attacks
  • Critical hits
  • Swung heavy objects ("Smash" swing has greater effect than "Quick" swing)
  • Smash attacks
  • Everything else