Kissing Lips Tattoo

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Kissing Lips Tattoo.png
Kissing Lips Tattoo
Face Tattoo Sell Price 0 Gold (Icon).png
Untradeable (Icon).png
This item cannot be traded.

You're simply irresistible to the senses, and you've got the kiss marks to prove it.
You can rearrange the position of your tattoo for free at the Beauty Shop.

  • Color 1 : [R:246,G:51,B:2]
  • Color 2 : [R:0,G:0,B:0]
  • Color 3 : [R:0,G:0,B:0]

How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

Purchased from the Avatar Shop with NX.

  • 30 Days: 1,690 NX
  • 90 Days: 3,490 NX
  • Permanent: 4,690 NX

Image Gallery[edit | edit source]