Inn (Berbhe)

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Description[edit source]

Inn in the town Barbhe. This inn own Culann which is also an innkeeper.
You can also find here Riordan and Ronaun. Sometimes someone come in and need to help from the Culann.
If you want to get your mail, you could use mailbox inside inn instead outside.
When you are leave the game, you will be always respawn in the inn.

NPCs[edit source]

List of Resident NPCs
List of NPCs that are in the Berbhe Inn
Icon Name
Culann (NPC).png Culann Yes No Inn Inkeeper
Riordan (NPC).png Riordan No No Army Commander
Ronaun (NPC).png Ronaun No No

Exterior of Inn (Berbhe)
[edit source]

Inn (Berbhe) Exterior.jpg

Interior of Inn (Berbhe)
[edit source]

Inn (Berbhe) Interior.jpg