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Welcome to the information dump page!

This page was created in hopes that people with information to contribute (yet are unsure of how to do so) will dump all their info on this page. Eventually, other wiki members will see the dumped info and get around to putting them in the right places. Yes! This page is like an information adoption center.

Check the discussion page to find out what info we're currently working on converting

To dump information, press the edit button at the top (or press alt e), type whatever information you'd like to add to the wiki and a wiki editor will take care of it.

Dump Information Below[edit | edit source]

Nexon needs to remove the token system, it is ruining the game. I want to make an add-on to the Vindictus wiki for everyone to sign onto if they dont support the this new system and possibly say what they think should be done and then have Nexon to look at it so the players and Nexon can come to a comprimise. I have reason to believe that Paladin has a hidden skill like that of Dark Knights, vampiric life drain like, ability. Only the Paladin version seems to deal extra damage to the opponent as the user smashes instead of the Dark Knights ability to steal Hp from the opponent while smashing. Info is seen in these following videos. This one is in close range combat, and this is in long range, --Raioku 13:55, 7 October 2010 (UTC)

Paladin has the ability to sacrifice himself to revive entirely the party... or something like that --Nedigo 02:47, 5 October 2010 (UTC)

Hey, would it be wrong to add a collapsing box template as well? It would help for cleaning up discussion pages, and also for quest spoilers (like boss strategies, or some such). I know other wikis use similar structure as well. --Bubacxo(Talk)

Maximum amount of AP per mission. Amount of AP from a mission is equal to that mission's base AP minus 5 AP for every run completed after the first run. (e.g. BASE AP 15, 2nd run 10 3rd run 5 for a total of 30 AP maximum collected from that mission.) -Currently being looked into by Wiki Team.

I have an example of the crafting window, a closeup of a Gold Coin and another of those HP Crystals and the info and icon for the "Stickiness" status condition. I don't know where to put it, could I get an idea? Thanks. Edit: Got some concept art for the trans, should I just hold onto it for now until it's implemented or make a page and add the "This may contain info currently not yet implemented in NA" flag at the top? -Lanceweilder

The Skills on the Character Pages might be better of separated by the weapon you can use them with such as

Fiona- Combat-Longsword;Combat-Longhammer;Combat-All

This is more "general discussion" but I'm putting it here. Since weapons are listed individually as well as in a list and in a separate recipe list, it would be better to create a data template for them and have each of those three pages pull data from the data template. I've seen this done in the Mabinogi wiki but I don't know enough to set it up myself. Here's an example, check out the Blacksmithing section:'s_Cross_Line_Plate_Armor_(F) and the data here's_Cross_Line_Plate_Armor_(F) which is reused here Also the current weapon template is missing purchase price and marketplace price(although perhaps this value changes and shouldn't be listed?)

In Brynn's Research, you can obtain Spider Cave Scroll from the red spiders. Though the drop rate is low.

Goliath (Battle) is unlocked by completing quests for Kristie after asking her to read the gnollish document. Eventually you do a run through of five spider brothers and find her shoes, right click them in your inventory, that unlocks a story, go talk to kristie, then Goliath (Battle) shows up. No idea how to add that info.

When dueling another person in Fomorian Base with the presence of other NPC-mercenaries, these mercs can be damaged and killed through crossfire.

When running Labyrinth, after a certain amount of battles, your quickslots replenish themselves regardless of the amount of items you have. E.g. You go into the Labyrinth with 30 merc potions and 30 merc plus potions. You use 10 each and when your quickslots replenish, you have 50 on each. Even though you only have 40 (30 + 30 - 20 = 40), you will be able to use the full 100 displayed on your quickslot.

Tailoring 0-90 Recommended Proficiency

Fine Cloth 0

Fine Sewing Kit 10

Scarlet Witch Cape 20

Scarlet Witch Shoes 30

Scarlet Witch Wristlet 30

Scarlet Witch Hat 40

Scarlet Witch Skirt 40

Spider Cloth Gloves 50

Spider Cloth Shoes 50

Spider Cloth Tunic 60

Spider Cloth Turban 70

Spider Cloth Pants 80

Sweetie Bear Fur Hat 90

Sweetie Bear Coat 90

Sweetie Bear Pants 90

Sweetie Bear Boots 90

Platesmithing 0-90 Recommended Proficiency

Metal Solvent 0

Fine Metal Solvent 0

Wooden Shield 10

Crimson Blade Shield 20

Fine Steel Plate 30

Small Shield 40

Spiked Shield 50

Round Shield 60

Steel Buckler 70

Light Plate Greaves 80

Light Plate Chestplate 90

Karok Release Easter Egg[edit | edit source]

If you look very closely at the image at the bottom of this post:, you can see CarLock's current quests. I've managed to figure them out, and they are:

Encounter with the Yeti, a level 42 quest, yet CarLock is level 20
A Peaceful Place, a level 41 quest

This seems odd, as CarLock is also wearing a Black Scar Battle Pillar, a level 36 weapon. I do not know what armor that is, though.

CarLock must be a Nexon admin, or beta tester. It would be very cool to have added this guy to friends!

Vindictus Intro Movie[edit | edit source] If you look very closely at 1:25, you can see Fiona doing the upcoming Roundhouse kick!

Raw Image for Arthyen[edit | edit source]

Since I have an alt at that point in the game, I took a screenshot of Arthyen. I'm no good at image processing, though, so I figured I'd leave that much up to a pro. It's at File:Arthyen_Raw.jpg . --Ujuidar 23:35, 16 January 2011 (UTC)