Ice Mushroom Soup

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Ice Mushroom Soup Req. Level:
You must have completed the story "Further Investigation".
Ferghus (NPC).png Ferghus (NPC).png
Starts with Ferghus Ends with Ferghus
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Ferghus at The Forge.
2. Talk to Aislinn at the General Store.
3. Obtain Ice Mushrooms by defeating Ailliol in Battle Quest Ocean Scent or in Battle Quest Big Horn Yeti.
4. Talk to Aislinn at the General Store.
5. Talk to Ferghus at The Forge.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 5000 Gold (Icon).png 59300 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png

Story Dialogue
Go to Ferghus.
Ferghus (NPC Icon).png Ferghus

It's really hot.

No, it's too hot. I can't work.
My hands are too sweaty to hold a hammer.

Isn't there anything that can cool me down?
No, no Iced Strawberry Brandy this time.

I'll be blind drunk before they oool me down.
Can you go ask Aislinn if she has

any good ideas?

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You discovered the title: Shivering.
Ask Aislinn about food that can cool you down.
Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn

Hm, cold food...
I can't think of anything right now.

Ah, wait, how about Ice Mushroom Soup?
Clodagh, what do you think? Sounds good?

Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

Heh, I kind of like the name.

Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn

That's it then. Ice Mushroom Soup it is.
We need to get the mushrooms first.

Ice Mushrooms are only found in Hoarfrost Depths,
and I heard they only grow on ice.

Soup with those mushrooms is nice and frosty.
Okay, so <Kai>, please get me some ice mushrooms.

Obtain Ice Mushrooms by defeating Ailliol in Battle Quest Ocean Scent or in Battle Quest Big Horn Yeti and take them to Aislinn.
Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn

Oh, hey, Ice Mushrooms.

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Delivered [[Ice Mushroom|Ice Mushroom]]
Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn

Clodagh, take a look at these mushrooms.
Aren't they cute?

Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

Wow, these are so cute.
But they look like they might shrink us.

Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn

Hm, really? They look okay to me.
I got some special sauce from Tieve, so it'll be fine.
Okay, I'm going to go cook. Wait a minute, <Kai>.
Hey, where are you going?

Clodagh, make sure <Kai> doesn't leave.

Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

Okay! Really, where do you think you're going?
Wait and have some soup.

Huh? Are you okay? You're sweating.
Here, just sit down and rest.

Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn

Ice Mushroom Soup (Dialogue).png
Okay, it's ready!

How is it? Does it look tasty?

Here, let's try some.

[Only option given here is "Decline".]

Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn's really good.
Come on. Try it.

[Only option given here is "Decline again."]

Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn

Fine, fine. If you don't want it, don't eat it.
But you have to deliver this to Ferghus, okay?

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Reward: [[Story reward::Ice Mushroom Soup|Ice Mushroom Soup]]
Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn

Okay, here.

Deliver the Ice Mushroom Soup to Ferghus.
Ferghus (NPC Icon).png Ferghus

Oh, what did you bring?
I felt icy cold air the minute you stepped in.

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Delivered [[Ice Mushroom Soup|Ice Mushroom Soup]]
Ferghus (NPC Icon).png Ferghus

Oh, isn't this Aislinn's soup?
Haha! I can always recognize Aislinn's cooking.

Can't you? Hmmm...
This looks delicious. Thank you.

(Ferghus slurps down the soup.)

Ferghus (NPC Icon).png Ferghus

Wow, it's like I can taste the icy chill from Hoarfrost Depths!
I can almost feel the icicles in my mouth.

And the aftertaste is like the sweet breeze that
cools you down on the way home from work...

...I don't expect that made much sense,
but this is really awesome.

Aislinn's such a good cook.
Thank you very much! Hahaha!

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You received the title: Shivering.