Hot Springs

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Description[edit source]

The Hot Springs is place to resting. You can use there a bath soap. The soap add you adding stats.

Where can be seen

The Hot Springs you can see in the Colhen and in the Rocheste.

How it works

If you are enter in the Hot Springs you can use some soaps. Any soap adding different stats. The soap duration is more then one hour.
If anybody use some soap, you will see it in the chat where and what type of soap used. If anybody use the soap in the springs (channel is important), you can come to him and get the soap stats.
As you enter to the springs, your armor is disabled so you have only inner armor visible.

While you are in the springs, you must sit down using key F12 or press E. When you only stand in the springs, you will not get any additional stats.

NPCs[edit source]

List of Resident NPCs
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Exterior of Hot Springs
[edit source]

Hot Springs Exterior.jpg

Interior of Hot Springs
[edit source]

Hot Springs Interior.jpg

Hot Springs Images[edit | edit source]

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