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Hoarfrost Hollow Gauntlet

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For more details see Gauntlet Battle Quests[edit source]

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Hoarfrost Hollow (Battle Icon).png
This place is full of monsters whom you've already met at the Hoarfrost Hollow. Beware, for they may have new tricks to greet you with!
~ Hoarfrost Hollow Gauntlet
Hoarfrost Hollow Gauntlet
Hoarfrost Hollow.png
Location Hoarfrost Hollow
Mission Clear Hoarfrost Hollow Gauntlet (*P)
Time limit 60 minutes
Minimum level 40
Recommended 44
Main Boss Giant Polar Bear
Ability Points (AP) 15 Ability Point (Icon).png
Rewards 0 Gold (Icon).png

46,800 Experience (Icon).png

Monsters Found[edit source]

Image Name Type Health Bars Exp
Loud Etunoch (Enemy).png Loud Etunoch Kobold  ???  ???
Robust Echeloch (Enemy).png Robust Echeloch Kobold  ???  ???
Jolly Ebeloch (Enemy).png Jolly Ebeloch Kobold  ???  ???
Speedy Ekuloch (Enemy).png Speedy Ekuloch Kobold  ???  ???
Strong Ekelch (Enemy).png Strong Ekelch Kobold  ???  ???
Gloomy Echapelch (Enemy).png Gloomy Echapelch Kobold  ???  ???
Sturdy Emuloch (Enemy).png Sturdy Emuloch Kobold  ???  ???
Giant Polar Bear (White Tyrant) (Enemy).png Giant Polar Bear (White Tyrant) Bear  ???  ???