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Hoarfrost Hollow is the second boat from the port at Colhen. Kobolds can be found here.

The environment in Hoarfrost can be described as an icy cavern. Most of the battles take place within large openings in the cavern and lead on into narrow passageways connecting to other rooms. One of the most notable traits within this dungeon are the unique traps. Like the Perilous Ruins, in many Battle Quests a player will have to dodge enemy attacks while running up a hill while avoiding oncoming boulders rolling down a hill. However, Hoarfrost Hollow also features touch-activated spike traps, which are not seen in the Ruins.

Kobolds within Hoarfrost Hollow are also significantly more intelligent then the Gnolls faced in the Perilous Ruins. Inside dungeons, players may be forced to cross bridges to advance more quickly to the other side. Unless the Kobolds are killed beforehand, they will cut bridges down before the player can reach the other side. The fall often causes significant damage and forces to player to fight an uphill battle with both Kobolds and Kobold Archers shooting at them from above. All of these bridges can be easily avoided by taking the lower ground and climbing ladders up to the other sides.

Also, unlike the Perilous Ruins, Hoarfrost Hollow features several bosses in later missions that require one chain hook to two legs, making the boss fights more difficult.

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