Herb Lands

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Herb Lands Tab.png
Brakis (Battle Icon).png
Go and get me some plants that are good for hang... I mean, good for detoxification. It won't be easy because Fobellow Prairie is so barren. But the plant is still common, so you should be able to find a couple.
~ Brakis on Herb Lands
Battle given by: Brakis
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Bonus Mission
Battle Points Gained Mission Requirement Gold Gained
10 Obtain Kanjel's Hair 1,200 Gold (Icon).png
20 Destroy a part of Kanjel (P) 1,600 Gold (Icon).png
15 Kill Sword Trainer with objects (P) 1,300 Gold (Icon).png
15 Kill 5 Poison Toads with small bombs (P) 1,300 Gold (Icon).png
Oath of Honor
Battle Points Gained Mission Requirement EXP Gained
25 Win without secondary weapons 17,400 Experience (Icon).png
20 Equipment destroyed < 6 times (P) 15,200 Experience (Icon).png
20 Equipment destroyed < 10 times (P) 15,200 Experience (Icon).png
30 Season of Macha (difficulty up) 19,500 Experience (Icon).png

Recipes Found

Herb Lands
Fomorian Base.png
Location Fomorian Base
Prerequisites Storeroom

(At least 100 BP)

Leads to Lost Road

(At least 100 BP)

Mission Defeat Information Chief Kanjel (*P)

(30 BP given)

Time limit 60 minutes
Battle limit No Limits
Minimum level 58
Recommended 60
Mid boss(es) ???
End Boss(es) Information Chief Kanjel
Evil Cores Max: 4
Min: 2
Ability Points (AP) Max: 40 Ability Point (Icon).png
Min: 20 Ability Point (Icon).png
Rewards 6,200 Gold (Icon).png
43,400 Experience (Icon).png


  • There is one ore deposit in Area 2 Path 2, after you enter the second gate on the right.
  • There are two ore deposit in Area 3, all the way towards the back and to the left as you start the stage.
  • There is one ore deposit in Area 4, hidden behind a tent after you get into the arena section.