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Hakam's Test

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Hakam's Test
You must have completed the story "Hunter's Story".
Kirstie (NPC).png Kirstie (NPC).png
Starts with Kirstie Ends with Kirstie
Steps to Completing:
1. Get Gnoll Chieftain Fang from the battle Decisive Battle.
2. Talk to Kirstie at the Traveler's Shop.
3. Get Eflame Essence from Eflame at Another Slingshot.
4. Talk to Kirstie at the Traveler's Shop.
5. Get Quiremigal Tissue from the battle Frost Stones.
6. Talk to Kirstie at the Traveler's Shop.
» You get Sharpshooter Leather Armor Gloves, Sharpshooter Leather Armor Boots, Sharpshooter Leather Armor Pants, and Sharpshooter Leather Armor Tunic
Chest (Icon).pngReward 12,000 Gold (Icon).png 7,200 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
[[Image: Sharpshooter Leather Armor Helm.png|40px]]   [[Sharpshooter Leather Armor Helm|Sharpshooter Leather Armor Helm]]
Title (Icon).png   Title
Hakam's Apprentice

Story Dialogue
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(Dialogue unknown.)
Find a Gnoll Chieftain Fang in Battle Quest Decisive Battle and take it to Kirstie.
Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

I knew you could do it.

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Delivered [[Gnoll Chieftain Fang|Gnoll Chieftain Fang]]
Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

It's time I tell you the whole story.

Hakam's test required taht we find four signs of prey,
one for each of the main races.

The Gnoll Chieftain Fang is one
of those signs.

Hakam was to pass on his Sharpshooter
on to his successor.

But the test never happened.
A month before the test...

We were hunting a feral wolf.

But Arthyen was injured by a wolf trap
trying to free the rabbit we were using as bait.

The master was furious, and Arthyen was ashamed that he
was wounded over a rabbit.

Arthyen sees animals as living beings,
not game to be hunted.

The master didn't see it that way. He said Arthyen
would never be a hunter.

He gave me the Sharpshooter on the spot.

Ha. I'm not Hakam's successor. Not really.
I didn't pass his test. I don't deserve the title.

And Arthyen and I...
Do you really want to know all this?

Fine. Bring me the Purple Spirit Essence
from the queen of wisps, and I'll tell you the rest.

(Kirstie gives you a bitter smile.)

Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

The day the master gave me his Sharpshooter...
that was the day I left home.

I turned my back on the place and left.
Didn't give it a second glance.

That's all. That story wasn't worth all the work
I put you through, was it? Haha.

Anyway, now there are only two signs of prey left.
You should finish what you started.

Next, you need to get a Eflame Essence.
I believe in you, <Lann>.

(Optional: Talk to Kirstie again.)
Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

This task will be challenging.
You'll face Eflame, the queen of wisps.

But I know you'll be successful.

(Optional: Talk to Tieve.)
Tieve (NPC Icon).png Tieve

Oh, you're here to see that traveler? Shall I go get him for you?

Arthyen (NPC Icon).png Arthyen

Wha-what? If you have something to say to me,
say it. Just say it.

(You ask him why Kirstie left.)
Why do you ask me this? What did Kirstie say to you?

She told you I'm Hakam's son? Hmph.
I never knew she was such a small-town...

(Arthyen mutters under his breath.)

What else did she say? If she said I yelled at her to leave,
it's true. It's all true.

The day she became my father's successor, I yelled. I said
I never wanted to see her again. I told her she wasn't...

(Arthyen mutters under his breath.)
...part of the family.

Ha, I suppose that's why she left.
What about it? Kirstie left quietly.

Why don't you be quiet about it too?

I'm just a pathetic loser who was injured by a rabbit.
That is all I am.

(You tell Arthyen you know he got injured trying to save a rabbit's

Arthyen (NPC Icon).png Arthyen

What?! H-how do you know about that?
It's not true. It's not true at all.

I don't know what Kirstie told you,
but I'm pathetic and everyone knows it.

That will never change. Just like Kirstie being
Hakam's successor will never change.

It doesn't matter how anything happened.
Only the reality is remembered. Only what's in the present.

Find a Eflame Essence in Battle Quest Another Slingshot and bring it to Kirstie. But if you want to hear Arthyen's story, bring it to Tieve at the Inn.
Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

<Lann>, you really are impressive.

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Delivered [[Eflame Essence|Eflame Essence]]
Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

Sometimes I wonder, if Arthyen and I had really competed,
who would've won? Him? Or me...?

(Kirstie shakes her head.)
That's a moot question anyway.

I wouldn't have been able to go through with it.
Anyway, <Lann>. Just one item left.

You just need to find a Quiremigal Tissue
from Quiremigal and the test will be over. Good Luck.

Find a Quiremigal Tissue in Battle Quest Frost Stones and bring it to Kirstie.
Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

(Kirstie smiles at you.)
So. You did it. You really did it.

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Delivered [[Quiremigal Tissue|Quiremigal Tissue]]
Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

Could you wait here just a minute?

(Kirstie returns with the Sharpshooter armor. It is in excellent

Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

This rightfully belongs to you now.

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Reward: Sharpshooter Leather Armor Gloves
[[File:{{{npc}}} (NPC Icon).png|text-bottom|35px]] [[{{{npc}}}]]
Reward: Sharpshooter Leather Armor Boots
[[File:{{{npc}}} (NPC Icon).png|text-bottom|35px]] [[{{{npc}}}]]
Reward: Sharpshooter Leather Armor Tunic
[[File:{{{npc}}} (NPC Icon).png|text-bottom|35px]] [[{{{npc}}}]]
Reward: Sharpshooter Leather Armor Pants
Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

I got this from Hakam, my master. Wearing this armor
symbolizes your official status as his successor.

I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

(Kirstie's voice trails off as she notices who it is.)

Arthyen (NPC Icon).png Arthyen


Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

Arthyen! I'm so glad you're here! Thank you for stopping by,

Arthyen (NPC Icon).png Arthyen

That armor...

(Arthyen is staring at you.)

Arthyen (NPC Icon).png Arthyen

Right... I see.
I understand now.

Kirstie. You...
SO you... Um...

Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie


Arthyen (NPC Icon).png Arthyen

When I said you weren't part of our family...

Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

(Kirstie looks away.)

Arthyen (NPC Icon).png Arthyen

Do you still remember when I said that?

That was the truth. That's how I felt then.
And that's how I still feel.

(Kirstie gives Arthyen a bittersweet smile.)

Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

Yes. I know that, Arthyen. But that doesn't mean I don't--

Arthyen (NPC Icon).png Arthyen

But there are things you can do because
you're not part of the family...

And by doing them, maybe you can become
part of the family.

Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie


Arthyen (NPC Icon).png Arthyen

I am rambling. If you don't understand what I mean,
don't think too hard about it. I have to go.

(Arthyen almost trips in his hurry to leave.)

Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

What? Ar...Arthyen! Wait!

(Kirstie rushes out after Arthyen
but he has already disappeared.)

Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

(Kirstie returns, and this time she's smiling.)
He's gone. Just like that. He came out of nowhere.

Then disappeared again without a trace.
But I'll see him again. Right? Of course I will.

Right? I can feel it. I think.
Oh, I hope so.

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You received the title: Hakam's Apprentice.
[[File:{{{npc}}} (NPC Icon).png|text-bottom|35px]] [[{{{npc}}}]]
Reward: Sharpshooter Leather Armor Helm