General Store (Berbhe)

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Description[edit source]

A store owned by Roma with her sister Rema. You can here meet up to 5 NPCs.
In the shop you can find some basic items. You can here also sell items.
This building don't have modeled interior, so you must stay outside when you talk with NPCs. When you come closer to the door, doors open.

NPCs[edit source]

List of Resident NPCs
List of NPCs in the General Store (Berbhe)
Icon Name
Roma (NPC).png Roma Yes No Rema's sister
Rema (NPC).png Rema No No Roma's sister
Gertrude (NPC).png Gertrude No No *
Ceara (NPC).png Ceara No No Crimson Blade Mercenary
Lechaud (NPC).png Lechaud No No Town Priest

Shop[edit source]

Exterior of General Store
[edit source]

General Store (Berbhe) Exterior.jpg

Interior of General Store
[edit source]

General Store (Berbhe) Interior.jpg