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Description[edit source]

A store containing four NPCs and a variety of purchasable and craftable goods. By talking to Aislinn, one may buy items such as Equipment Stories and jewelry, as well as craft Iced Strawberry Brandy. On the other hand, talking to Clodagh will provide players with a selection of armor (mainly cloth and light) to choose from.

NPCs[edit source]

List of Resident NPCs
Icon Name
Aislinn (NPC).png Aislinn Yes Yes Merchant
Clodagh (NPC).png Clodagh Yes Yes Tailor
Fenella (NPC).png Fenella No No Refugee from Ainle
Reilly (NPC).png Reilly No No Master Magician

Shops[edit source]

Craftable Items[edit source]

Exterior of General Store
[edit source]

General Store Exterior.jpg

Interior of General Store
[edit source]

General Store Interior.jpg