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Gallagher (NPC).png
Occupation Crimson Blade Mercenary Veteran
Location Mercenary Outpost, Colhen

A Crimson Blade mercenary usually found at the Mercenary Outpost. His crude and blunt style of speech often causes problems. His big mouth makes him untrustworthy, but it also makes him a reliable source of information.

Gallagher is an opportunistic, arrogant, crude, womanizing beast of a man who never misses a chance to objectify a woman or belittle a comrade. Just about everyone is irritated by his behavior but Gallagher gets away with it because he’s also a beast on the battlefield. Despite his behavior in town, he always watches his comrades’ backs in a fight.
He is the one to introduce players to fishing, and sells the Fishing Tickets required to get on the fishing boats.

If I had money, I'd have hot girls crawling all over me.
~ 'Gallagher'

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Chitchat Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "If I had money, I'd have hot girls crawling all over me. Damn, who told me mercs make a lot of money?"
  • "Got any spare gold? I know this amazing place, but I need money to get in. Spot me the dough and I'll show you."
  • "You know how Tieve seems like a prude? She ain't. She's dating some soldier in the Royal Army."
  • "C'mon, you can slack off when Marrec's not around. No one cares how hard you work when you're alone."
  • "(Gallagher makes a face.) Kirstie. So masculine. Women should be soft, feminine. Maybe she wishes she were a man..."
  • "On my next day off, I'm going to the temple to spy on our little oracle. See what she does when no one's watching."
  • "(Gallagher grins.) That ditz, what's her face? Clodagh? She's so dense I bet I could sweet talk her into anything. Haven't had the chance yet, but I will. Oh, how I will."
  • "That dame at the General Store who claims to be from the city? I hear she's married. Her hubby's a merchant in Ainle or Elvan or some other town. I knew she wasn't really from the city..."
  • "I'll let you in on a secret. I think Captain Aodhan's wife and two daughters were killed by Fomors. That's why he acts all possessed on the battlefield."
  • "I think the Fomors attacked Ainle. Don't think there were many survivors, either. After they finished ravaging the town, the Fomors took off. Who knows where they went?"
  • "Tieve's the only girl worth pursuing in this little town. She acts all pure, but what's she really like? (Gallagher licks his lips.) Maybe she's a sly fox? Or a playful bunny... Betcha I can get her to reveal sides of herself she never knew existed!"
  • An the one quote players will hear most & grow to hate is "What, I cant hear you?"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is a member of the Silent Brotherhood along with Nyle. However, Nyle doesn't trust him.

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