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Gale (Skill).png


- Can only be used when a Battleshade is equipped.
- Gale lets you slide quickly to dodge enemy attacks.
- Higher ranks of this skill will extend your invulnerability during the dodge. You can also perform an additional dodge after Gale.
- At Rank C you can peform an additional dodge after Gale.
- At Rank A you can peform Gale from a stationary positoon.
- When done from a stationary position, Gale has a shorter period of invulnerability.
- Gale is peformed faster during certain active skills of they do not include any movement.

Mouse: Dodge [Space] while pressing a directional key
Keyboard: Dodge [A] while pressing a directioal key
<Additional dodge>
Mouse: Dodge [Space] right before Gale ends
Keyboard: Dodge [A] right before Gale ends
<Gale from stationary position>
Mouse: Dodge [Space] without pressing a directional key
Dodge [A] without pressing a diretional key

Addictional Details[edit | edit source]

  • Lynn skill only.
    • Prologs invincibility from Gale by 0.25 seconds.
    • Gale can be activated with only 15 STA