French Maid Set

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Need Image.png French Maid Cat Ears Headpiece French Maid Blouse.png French Maid Blouse
French Maid Skirt.png French Maid Skirt French Maid Ruffle Cuff.png French Maid Ruffle Cuff
French Maid High Heels.png French Maid High Heels
Set Bonus

2 Pieces: ATT +25, M.ATT +25
3 Pieces: ATT +45, M.ATT +45
4 Pieces: ATT +75, M.ATT +75
5 Pieces: ATT +150, M.ATT +150

Total Set Effects (without Set Bonus)
Full Set Restrictions
Level: 1-Max Level
Weight: stones
Class: Miri, Evie, Fiona, Vella, Arisha, Lynn, Delia, Eira

Lacy, frilly, burlesque-style servant dress, modified from its classic version of 19-centurey France. Attention-grabbing, but with a touch of history. Expect for the decidedly modern trend of cat ears, of curse!
- French Maid Cat Ears Headpiece
- French Maid Blouse
- French Mad Skirt
- French Mad Ruffle Cuff
- French Mad High Heels
ATT +100, M.ATT +100, Movement Speed (Town) +5%

Method to Obtain[edit source]

In Outfitter Shop or Marketplace 19900 NX


French Maid Set (Eira 1).png
French Maid Set (Eira 2).png
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