Fine Steel Staff

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Fine Steel Staff.png
Fine Steel Staff
Weapon, Staff Sell Price 269 Gold (Icon).png
48 stones

Attack +3,618; Magic Attack +3,003; Balance +70; Critical +27; Strength +30; Intelligence +30;  

Restriction (Icon).png
Only for Evie.
For levels 35 and above.
Rank Staff Mastery C and above.
Can Be Traded (Icon).png
Can use all forms of trade

A simple looking staff made with high quality steel. It is very strong, but too heavy for beginners to use. It features a simple functional design without any frivolous decorations.

How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

Dropped by

Crafted with the Goldsmithing expertise

Recommended expertise proficiency: 140
Fine Iron Ore.png Fine Iron Ore x 3
Fobellow Tin.png Fobellow Tin x 6
Gnoll Battle Mace.png Gnoll Battle Mace x 1
Fine Metal Solvent.png Fine Metal Solvent x 2
Prairie Erg Crystal.png Prairie Erg Crystal x 2

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