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Ferghus (NPC).png
Occupation Blacksmith
Location The Forge, Colhen

Colhen's blacksmith, usually found at the Forge.
His skills are so good that even people in Rocheste have heard about him. He sometimes complains about his hands slipping, but no one's ever actually seen him break a piece of equipment.

Ferghus is a seasoned blacksmith with years of experience. Though he is generally hard-working, he knows how to enjoy his liquor. He is committed to making the best weapons and armor the ore can craft.

A man without a beard isn't a man at all.
~ 'Ferghus'

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Additional Information[edit | edit source]

Chitchat Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "A man without a beard isn't a man at all."
  • "Ah, I might've pushed myself too hard yesterday. My arm throbs."
  • "Last Valentine's Day, I got a cartload of chocolates. Having too many admirers can be quite a pain. Give them a little attention and women start to expect things..."
  • "(Ferghus laughs heartily.) Singing boosts motivation! Try it sometime."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ferghus can also be found as a blacksmith in the game Mabinogi: Fantasy Life. He is infamous for his failure rate while repairing (90%; the lowest of all (but one) repair rates). Even the NPCs say his repair job is lousy.
  • Sometimes after repairing, Ferghus will say "Oops, my hand slipped," a reference to his notorious failures in Mabinogi: Fantasy Life.

Alternate Images[edit | edit source]

Gallagher-faced Ferghus Ferghus Christmas