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Fenella (NPC).png
Original Name Fenella
Alignment Colhen
Race Human
Occupation Refugee from Ainle
Location General Store, Colhen

Fenella is a refugee from Ainle who is just starting to adjust to the small-town life of Colhen.

She is a middle-aged woman that gives off the impression of an overly friendly neighbour, or an aunt from the old countryside: simple and enthusiastic. She used to run a small shop in Ainle before it was burned to the ground. What is puzzling, however, is that she is so forgetful. How did she manage to find her way to the shop?

She has a motherly, nurturing nature although she hints at a dark past which still haunts her. While she misses her home, she says she enjoys the quiet of Colhen.

She seems to have had a family in Ainle, but further details aren’t clear. It is also not clear if she was born in Ainle or simply lived there. However, she likes everything about pumpkins.

Ainle was beautiful, like a lovely summer evening.
~ 'Fenella'

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

Chitchat Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Ainle was beautiful, like a lovely summer evening. You could smell the sweetness of ripe wine everywhere."
  • "Why, Aislinn is lovely. I thought she'd be aloof, like a typical city gal. But she's warm-hearted and amiable. I wish I knew of a young man to set her up with."
  • "Something...frightening happened in Ainle. I don't--I can't think about it. Please."
  • "I'm new to Colhen. I was forced here because-- Er, I mean, I'm looking forward to my stay here."

Alternate Images[edit | edit source]

Fenella 2 (NPC).png