Exquisite War Edge Battle Gauntlet

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For the regular version, see War Edge Battle Gauntlet.
War Edge Battle Gauntlet.png
Exquisite War Edge Battle Gauntlet
Light Armor, Gloves Sell Price 293 Gold (Icon).png
28 stones

Defense +269; Strength +33; Agility +13; Willpower +8; Critical Resistance +5;  

Restriction (Icon).png
For levels 34 and above.
Rank Light Armor Proficiency C and above.
Part of Exquisite War Edge Battle Suit Set
Can Be Traded (Icon).png
Can use all forms of trade

Gauntlets made with Warchief Black Scar's armor. They are densely covered with metal scales, which offers great protection in combat.

How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

Crafted by Kirstie after the battle quest Prairie Gnoll

Fee: 12,900 Gold (Icon).png
Fine Cloth.png Fine Cloth x 5
Iron Spike.png Iron Spike x 3
Red Scale Fragment.png Red Scale Fragment x 2

Crafted with the Armorsmithing expertise

Recommended expertise proficiency: 120
Fine Leather Deodorizer.png Fine Leather Deodorizer x 1
Fine Leather.png Fine Leather x 2
Gnoll Hard Leather.png Gnoll Hard Leather x 3
Gnoll Battle Gauntlet.png Gnoll Battle Gauntlet x 1
Iron Spike.png Iron Spike x 3
Terra Spirit Remnant.png Terra Spirit Remnant x 3

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