Exquisite Temptress Set

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Earrings of Temptation.png Earrings of Temptation Temptress Dress.png Exquisite Temptress Dress
Temptress Leggings.png Exquisite Temptress Leggings Temptress Booties.png Exquisite Temptress Booties
Temptress Gloves.png Exquisite Temptress Gloves
Set Bonus

2 Pieces: DEF +150, INT +12
3 Pieces: DEF +165, INT +24
4 Pieces: DEF +180, INT +39
5 Pieces: DEF +210, INT +52

Total Set Effects (without Set Bonus)
DEF+1149.0 AGI+88.0 INT+491.0 Critical Resistance+36.0
Full Set Restrictions
Level: 56
Rank: Cloth Armor Proficiency Rank B
Weight: 4.0 stones
Class: Evie only

Method to Obtain[edit source]

Top Crafted by Clodagh after completing Shady Forest Rest of the set is crafted after beating Fight That Must Be Won

Material (Icon).png Materials
Gold Coin.png  Fee: 177,300 Gold (Icon).png


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Exquisite Temptress Set (View 2).png
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