Exquisite Temptress Booties (Permanent)

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Temptress Booties.png
Exquisite Temptress Booties (Permanent)
Cloth Armor, Shoes Sell Price: 0 Gold (Icon).png
1 stones

Defense +267
Agility +17
Intelligence +99
Critical Resistance +8

Restriction (Icon).png Only for Evie.

Armor designed for magic users. The armor bends and
flows according to it's wearer's movements.
Because it is made with special material, only a handful.
of people can wear this armor.

Untradeable (Icon).png This item cannot be traded.
Untradeable (Icon).png This item can not be enchanted.
How to Obtain

How to Obtain Unknown

- Note: Appearance Tabs shared with Exquisite Temptress Booties.
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