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DevCAT Face (Icon).png This article includes content which has been removed from the game.

Some or all of the following content has been removed from Vindictus by Nexon.

Introduction[edit source]

Evie is a "Ranged" type character that can use magic to attack. Once your Evie reaches Level 24, you can start a quest to use Scythes. (Scythes not included in the guide at the moment)

Walkthrough[edit source]

This part is about how to finish Episode 1, which consists of the Perilous Ruins.

1. After the "Prologue," you will be asked to complete a "Training" dungeon; "Mercenary Training Site."

This dungeon has 2 different types of mob (Wood Man and Wood Man Ranger) and a Boss (Wood Man Guard). Completing it gives you 100 BP for the battle, and the "bonus mission" that asks you to defeat a Wood Man with smash gives you 30 BP. Wood Man Guard is very easy to beat, and normally does not take a shield away if you only get hit once.

2. After your Training, you are sent to investigate if the gnolls that you saw at the tower in the "Prologue" are the same as the ones in the Ruins.

You then have to complete Battle Quest "Fomorian Emblem." The mobs in this battle are pretty easy, and the only thing you have to worry about is the boss. The boss isn't very powerful, and only takes 1 shield away per hit (or less). You still have to watch out, because after 5 or more hits, all your shields will be gone. However, this boss doesn't take much time to solo.

3. After reporting your findings back to Marrec, you will be asked by Ceara to raise one of your skills to "Rank E." Although AP shouldn't matter, as AP is unlimited in this game; If you want to be a pure Scythe Evie, rank Stamina Recovery to "Rank E." If you want to be a pure Staff Evie, or a hybrid, rank Magic Arrow to "Rank E." If you are wondering, a hybrid is a character who can use both weapons types effectively. (i.e. "jack-of-all-trades") This will be the last skill suggestion I put in this walkthrough, after this, decide for yourself what skills are best for your playing style.

Once you rank a skill up to "Rank E," you will be sent by Ceara to Kirstie to deliver a "Old Dusty Sewing Pattern." When you get there, you see Kirstie having an argument with a trader from Rocheste, about getting Gold Gnoll Leather. After that, you lose the sewing pattern, and unlock "A Job for Shayla (1)," "Oh, Ellis," and the Battle Quest "Gold Leather." Go to the General Store to talk to Ellis, and then go to the Merc Outpost to talk to Gwynn and start the quest "A Mission from Gwynn." This unlocks Battle Quest "Gwynn's Request." Then go to "The Forge," and talk to Shayla to start "A Job for Shayla (1)."

At this point, you have 2 options. Get (2) Gold Gnoll Leathers (obtained from Battle Quest "Gold Leather" (4a) or from the Marketplace (4b)) OR, skip to Battle Quest "Gwynn's Request." (4c)

4a. Enter Battle Quest "Gold Leather."

Goal: Get (2) Gold Gnoll Leathers.

This dungeon is fairly easy. The mobs are weak, and the only worry is the boss, Embermain. This boss is also relatively weak. If you don't want to lose shields/HP, you should stick with using Magic Arrow (it does a fair bit of damage, even at "Rank F," so don't worry, future Scythe Evies. "F Rank" Magic Arrow and Firebolt will last you all the way through Hoarfrost Hollow, if you play smart, though that's for a later time.) If you want your Screen Shots to look kewl or finish the boss fast, use a oombination of Firebolt and Stamina Recovery, and use Magic Arrow while the other two skills are recharaging. Also, once you run out of Stamina, you can go do Melee attacks with your staff, because Evie's melee attacks don't use Stamina. Rinse and repeat this dungeon until you have (2) Gold Gnoll Leathers. Skip to (4c).

4b. If you are lazy, liek me (if you recognise where this comes from, you gets a cookie), you should go to the Marketplace. If, when it stops loading, you end up with a black Marketplace window, press your "Start menu" key and re-enter by clicking on the "Vindictus" tab. Then search "Gold Gnoll Leather" (search bar in the top left of the Marketplace window). I advise you have at least 2000 gold, because prices can fluctuate. (I believe the normal prices are 600-800 gold a piece, can change in the future.)

4c. Enter Battle Quest "Gwynn's Request."

The mobs are still very easy to kill, and you don't have to worry about the boss. The boss "Foul Snowpaw" spawns with a couple of other Gnolls. Foul Snowpaw uses a bow, and is very inaccurate, like Gnoll archers. However, one of his arrows will take away one of your shields. Recommended Tactic: Get within range for your Magic Arrow to hit, and then attack 1-3 times, or until you see him ready to shoot. Once the boss is ready to shoot, you should sidestep sideways (spacebar + direction you want to sidestep; you can sidestep backwards, forwards, right or left, but in this case, you should only sidestep right or left.) Repeat until boss dies. Return to town, and talk to Gwynn. You unlock "Mysterious Man" and "Tieve's Gift" (Quests, or "stories" if you want to refer to them as that.)

5. Start "Tieve's Gift." Go to the Magic Laboratory, and talk to Brynn. While you're there, start "Mysterious Man" by talking to the "Mysterious Man." After talking to Brynn, you get your first skill book, "Skill Book: Meditation." To use it, right-click the book in your inventory. If you haven't found out yet, you can open up your "Level Up Packages" (at level 2, level 4, level 6, and so on.) the same way. Then go back to Tieve at the Inn. You will unlock 5 quests; "Strange Movements," "Heart of a Wisp," "Crystals from the Ruins," "Clodagh Adores Fashion," and "Spirit Remnants." Ignore "Heart of a Wisp," (you will get the Bryialne Heart later, from a future Battle Quest) and Clodagh Adores Fashion, as "Clodagh Adores Fashion" does not give you very good rewards. Crystals from the Ruins is relatively easy, you can get Ruins Erg Crystals from breaking the blue pots that have a glow, that appear in dungeons. If you break 10 of these pots, you will get a title. You can also get Ruins Erg Crystals from monster drops. "Spirit Remnants" is also fairly easy, you can get them from the blue pots mentioned above, or from monster drops, or from quests. (i.e. the reward you get for giving a Gold Gnoll Leather to Kirstie)

6. Go to the Merc Outpost, and talk to Aodhan, starting "Strange Movements." At this time, you should talk to Gallagher to continue on the quest "Mysterious Man." He asks you to get him a Sapphire Ring (can be bought from Aislinn in the General Store, for 2000 Gold.) Go buy the Sapphire Ring, come back to Gallagher, and finish the quest. After starting "Strange Movements," "Strange Movements will end, and you will start "To the Decisive Battle," and unlock "Veteran Gear."

7. Start Battle Quest "Wind Through the Ruins."

Goals: Earn a total of 100 BP in Wind through the Ruins, to be able to start the next quest.

You will most likely have to go through twice, unless you get Mad Grizzlepaw Earrings on the first try.

First time: Choose Normal or hard mode. Select "Win with 3 or fewer players" for your Oath of Honor. Click "Alone" for # of players. Then, launch the boat. The mobs are relatively easy. At this point, a new mob debuts. "Veteran Gnoll," (the Gnoll with the wooden club and the white and cream striped headgear) is the most powerful mob in Perilous Ruins. He takes 7+ Magic Arrows to down, or 3 or 4 "4x left-clicks, then 1x right-click." You could also choose to use Firebolt, which takes 2 shots to kill him if you have Rank F Firebolt. Use 1 Firebolt, and then finish with 2-3 Magic Arrows. The boss "Mad Grizzlepaw," has 3 attacks; a downwards smash to the ground, a whirling attack, and a flying attack in which he jumps towards you, while rotating, attacking you. He is the hardest boss yet, and he can take 1-2 shields in 1 attack. (two shields if you get hit twice by his whirling attack) The best strategy is to Firebolt as much as you can, as it is not very easy to evade his attacks. Use Magic Arrow while Firebolt is cooling down, or when you don't have the stamina to Firebolt.

If you get a Mad Grizzlepaw Earring from beating Mad Grizzlepaw, you will get 15 BP. If you get your Equipment destroyed less than 5 times, you will get 20 BP. And if you manage to find 5 Erg Crystals while going through the dungeon, you will get 20 BP. The 30 points for completing the battle, plus the 35 points for playing with "3 or less players" adds up to 65 points. If you get 2 of the above bonuses, you will get 35-40 BP, allowing you to move on. If not, go through the battle quest again, choosing "Season of Macha" as your Oath of Honor, to get "30+35+35" battle points. Season of Macha does not make this specific Battle quest much harder.

8. Once you get 100 points in "Wind through the Ruins," go back, and talk to Aodhan. You will then unlock "After the Decisive Battle," "Friendship Sword," and the Battle Quest "Friends?." At this point, even though you do not have to finish Friendship Sword to move on, I highly recommend it because it gives you a powerful weapon, which cannot be rivaled until you finish "Decisive Battle" and craft "Howling Staff." To start "Friendship Sword," go to the Inn and talk to Tieve. You get two letters, a letter for Clodagh, and a letter for Marrec. Deliver the letter for Clodagh, and then go to deliver the letter to Marrec. He will refuse to take the letter. Then, go back to Tieve. You get a Friendship Ring, after Tieve and Clodagh talk it over. Then, go to Marrec. He tells you about how he threw his Friendship Sword away. Then, go talk to Clodagh. She will be infuriated at Marrec, and she asks you to go find the Broken Friendship Sword, obtained by finishing Battle Quest "Friends?"

9. Start Battle Quest "Friends?"

This is a easy battle quest. You will kill 100 Veteran Gnolls. Recommended strategy: Run around for room/stamina. Use Firebolt to clear big mobs, and use Magic Arrow while Firebolt recharges. This will take time, but if you do it correctly, there should not be a reason for you to die. After killing 90 Veteran Gnolls, the Veteran Centurial Captain appears, with 10 Veteran Gnolls spawning with him. Use Firebolt to eliminate the Veteran Gnolls, and once the Veteran Gnolls are finished off, devote your time to finishing the boss. The boss is pretty easy, and you don't have to worry if you follow the strategy above. Once you get the "Broken Friendship Sword," show it to Marrec, and then take it to Ferghus to get a "Restored Friendship Staff." Equip it.

10. Start Battle Quest "Decisive Battle."

First time: Select the desired difficulty. Then choose "Warrior's Challenge" as your Oath of Honor. Warrior's Challenge is much easier than choosing "Win with 2 or less players," because you skip the first part, making it faster, and you aren't as likely to face a midboss. The mobs are pretty easy.

Once you reach the boss map, 5 Veteran Gnolls spawn. Kill them. *Helpful hint* After you defeat the Veteran Gnolls, you can run back to the stairs during the cut-scene. (use the mini-map in the top right hand corner.) There, you can recharge your hp, shields, stamina, and wait for your Firebolt and Stamina Recovery cooldowns to go away. Once you come back down the stairs, the boss will spawn. At this point, if you go back to the stairs, the boss will follow you up the stairs, so don't try it.

The boss spawns with multiple Gnolls and Veteran Gnolls. I advise to just run around until the Gnoll Chieftain kills all the other Gnolls. Afterwards, here is my recommended strategy. Use 1-3 Magic Arrows, then run away from his whirlwind/hammer smash attack, using sidestep or sprint. (only sidestep if you know he is going to use the hammer smash. If not, use sprint to get out of the Gnoll Chieftain's huge attack radius.) Also, keep in mind, that Magic Arrow takes 25 stamina per shot, and if you run out of stamina, your Evie will end up "fatigued" and can not run or sprint fast enough to run away until she comes back up to 10 stamina. So, you can give yourself only 5 stamina to run away, but before you start sprinting, wait until you have at least 15 stamina. Repeat until the boss comes down to 1 life, or when the "3x" or "2x" disappears. At this point, the boss will be tired after a few attacks. There is a mini mission where IF you hit his helmet twice, his helmet comes off, you get 15 BP, and once you kill him, the "?" evil core will become a "Crimson Rage Helm," which is light armor. You don't need this, but you will need the BP later on. Because he is tired, you can easily take time to aim for his head, without having to worry as much. If you carry 7 spears into battle with you, if you hit him with all of them, you will easily take away 1/3 of his last life. Afterwards, whittle his HP down, until it gets as low as you can get without killing him, and then start kicking him. Why kick him? It will get you 15 BP for the battle if you finish him with kicks. You kick by pressing the "R" key. Once you kill him, exit. If you did Warrior's Challenge, got the Rage Helm, and finished with kicks, you should have gotten 85 BP. You will need to go through again to get 100 BP later, but exit the battle, and go to the Mercenary Outpost.

You will get (3) Red Gnoll Leathers, and unlock "Gwynn's Revenge," "Objects of War (1)," and an Equipment Story "Scarlet Witch Set." Objects of War just asks you to kill 3 Gnolls with objects. To finish "Gwynn's Revenge," you will need to unlock Revenge. Go through Battle Quest "Decisive Battle" again, this time with Oath of Honor "Win with 2 or less people," and go through. This time, you might see a Bryialne/Mad Grizzlepaw. If you do see Bryialne, finish it with a spear to get 15 BP. It also may drop "Bryialne Heart" for you to complete the quest offered by Brynn. Other than that, there is no difference between this and Warrior's Challenge besides that without Warrior's Challenge, there is 1 extra floor (part as I referred to it earlier.)

11. Warning! If attempting to complete "Revenge," find a party of 4 first. This is the only Battle Quest I have a complete inability to solo.(haven't tried since I was level 13, may revise, may find new strategies) There are two bosses you have to beat at the same time. (Jagged Tooth and Wolf Tail) Also, once you finish this quest, you will have to start paying tokens to ride the boat to go to dungeons.

The mobs aren't anything special. You can blaze through with your party. When you get to the boss room, you and your party should start by killing Wolf Tail, as he has a melee attack that can take up to 2 shields per attack. Once you kill Wolf Tail, you should move on to Jagged Tooth. Jagged Tooth is the most accurate ranged enemy up to this point. He takes 1 shield away every time he hits you with his arrow. After killing them both, you will most likely get both the Wolf Tail Bracelet and the Jagged Tooth Fang. Keep these so you can finish the quest after this "Undying Revenge." Go back to the Merc Outpost and finish the quest.

Here ends Part 1 of the walkthrough. Videos will be added later.

1. What type of character are you? I am a "hybrid" type character, because I want to be able to support a party, and solo fairly easily.

2. Can we haves videos plox? It will take some time for that, as I'll have to go through each dungeon's boss to show all of you.

--AngelxSin 07:23, 7 November 2010 (UTC)