Event: Sweet Recipe

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Note: This page contains content only found in the EU version of Vindictus. Some or all of this page's content may be unavailable in the NA version of Vindictus.

Note: This event will only be active on from February 27 2013 to 20th March 2013

Event: Sweet Recipe
Req. level 22
Starts with Caryl
Appearance Season 1, ep. 1
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No Previous stories
No further stories

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

  • February 27, Free Match and Sweet March Patch

NPCs Involved[edit | edit source]

Starts with Caryl

Steps to Completing[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to the Bar in Rocheste and talk to Caryl.
  2. Defeat Bosses in Battle Quests to obtain ingredients.
  3. Return to Caryl at the Rocheste Bar.
  4. Create one of each: Warm Candy, Bitter-Sweet Candy, Cooling Candy, Refreshing Candy
  5. Talk to Caryl.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Title: Sweet Taste

Story Dialogue[edit | edit source]