Event: Post Decorating

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DevCAT Face (Icon).png This event has ended and is no longer available.

This event was available from 12/15 - 12/28 2011.

Event: Post Decorating
Strange Traveler (NPC).png Strange Traveler (NPC).png
Starts with Strange Traveler Ends with Strange Traveler
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to the Strange Traveler.
2. Talk to Clodagh.
3. Talk to Hereta.
4. Talk to Clodagh.
5. Obtain a WInter Hat from Battle Quest Decisive Battle.
6. Talk to Clodagh.
7. Talk to Ferghus.
8. Obtain a Shining Stone from Battle Quest Hoarfrost Hollow.
9. Talk to Ferghus.
10. Talk to Brynn.
11. Talk to the Strange Traveler.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 0 Gold (Icon).png 0 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
Santa Pants.png   Santa Pants   × 1
Story Dialogue
The Strange Traveler needs help with something. Go talk to him.
Strange Traveler (NPC Icon).png Strange Traveler

Ah, you are here. And here you are.
I have a request to make of you.

Post Decorating (Dialogue) 1.png

(The Strange Traveler glances around furtively.)
I have acquired a tree... A special potted tree.

Along with a story... This story states that this tree is actually something called a "scratching post."

Every year, at this time, people in other worlds decorate this "scratching post." I don't know why.

(The Strange Traveler leers at the tree with a gleam in his eye. He sharpens his claws--hands--greedily.)

What a lovely tradition. Will you ask people in town what they think would look good on this tree?

I think Clodagh and the General Store might have some ideas...

Consult with Clodagh to see what kind of decoration she'd reccomend.
Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

You're decorating a tree? I LOVE decorating!
Word around town is that I'm superb at it, too.

Anyway, since it's winter, I think the tree would look phenomenal with some wool spread over it.

Like snow! Not, uh, like cobwebs. Anyway, let me just grab some wool from the shelf.

(Clodagh rummages through the shelves, muttering to herslef)

Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

I'm sorry, <Arisha>. Looks like I'm out of wool.
I guess my products are just too popular!

Why don't you collect some wool yourself? There are plenty of sheep between here and Rocheste!

Find Hereta, between Colhen and Rocheste.
Hereta (NPC Icon).png Hereta

(The sheep looks up at you, curious.)
Baaa.... Baaa!(The sheep seems to know what you want.)

(Like a snake, Hereta sheds a coat of wool. You take it, astounded.)

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Reward: Winter Wool
Hereta (NPC Icon).png Hereta

(The sheep gives you a soulful look, then continues grazing, as if she did this kind of thing every day.)

Take the Winter Wool you got from Hereta to Clodagh.
Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

(Oh, what a pretty, intact coat of wool! How'd you manage to get it all in one piece?

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Delivered [[Winter Wool|Winter Wool]]
Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

So, while you were gone, I had an idea.
We need to give the tree a hat... or a doll! No, a hat!

Genius, right? I heard you can find hats at the Perilous Ruins. Get me one, please!

I'll dig up a ring and then we can hang that hat on the tree!

Obtain the Winter Hat from Battle Quest Decisive Battle and take it to Clodagh.
Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

That's what I'm talking about! This'll be the sassiest tree ever. I'll take all of the materials and bring them to the Inn for you.

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Delivered [[Winter Hat|Winter Hat]]
Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

Now, let's see. What else would look good on a tree? Maybe some...metal. Oh yes!

Head to the Forge. I'm sure you'll find some great items there!

Find Ferghus at the Forge.
Ferghus (NPC Icon).png Ferghus

If you laugh at my outfit, I will punch your lights out. Shayla talked me into this.

(You tell him about the tree, and Ferghus frowns.)
Uhh, I don't usually dole out decorating advice...

Maybe it you tie some rocks to the tree, it'll look good... Yeah, some shiny rocks.

Hey, it's your fault for asking me. Go to Hoarfrost Hollow and get a Shining Stone.

Obtain the Shining Stone from Battle QuestHoarfrost Hollow and take it to Ferghus.
Ferghus (NPC Icon).png Ferghus

(Ferghus was about to take a big gulp of Iced Strawberry Brandy when he notices you.)

Oh, uh, hey. I'm busy right now. Just leave the stone, and I'll deliver it to the Inn when I'm sober, er, less busy.

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Delivered [[Shining Stone|Shining Stone]]
Shayla (NPC Icon).png Shayla

<Arisha>. I was just talking about you.
Brynn is looking for you.

Best not to keep him waiting.
You know how he gets.

Find Brynn at the Magic Laboratory.
Brynn (NPC Icon).png Brynn

There you are! Finally! I have something for you.

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Reward: Sparkling Dust
Brynn (NPC Icon).png Brynn

A "man" from the Inn went on and on about needing some "kitty litter" for his "scratching post."

This Sparkling Dust is the best I can do. Just tell him it's "kitty glitter." He won't know the difference.

Take the Sparkling Dust to the Strange Traveler at the Inn.
Strange Traveler (NPC Icon).png Strange Traveler

(The Strange Traveler is fixated on the sparkling lights the Shining Stone gives off. He paws at it now and then.)

Oh! Is that the kitty litter? Purrrfect! That's the finishing touch!

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Delivered [[Sparkling Dust|Sparkling Dust]]
Strange Traveler (NPC Icon).png Strange Traveler

Sprinkle it on, already! Then this scratching post will be ready!

Post Decorating (Dialogue) 2.png

(The tree glows beautifully when you sprinkle the Sparkling Dust over it. The Strange Traveler can't look away.

Strange Traveler (NPC Icon).png Strange Traveler

Other worlds are amazing. I LOVE this tree.
When you leave, I'm going to scratch it.

Ahem, I mean. From my research, I discovered that people typically give each other gifts near this tree.

So take this. There may be a hat inside, but I'm not sure. I got it from the other world, too.

Well, have a merry winter. Now leave me, so I an tear this tree up, uh, contemplate world peace.

Farewell! Shoo! I mean, goodbye!

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Reward: Santa Pants