Event: Four Fragments

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DevCAT Face (Icon).png This event has ended and is no longer available.

This event was available from during the Christmas Event from December 18, 2010 to January 18, 2011.

Event: Four Fragments Req. Level: 5
Shayla (NPC).png Shayla (NPC).png
Starts with Shayla Ends with Shayla
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Shayla at the Forge.
2. Gather all fragments (Christmas Fragments 1, 2, 3, 4).
3. Talk to Shayla at the Forge.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 0 Gold (Icon).png 0 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png

Notes[edit source]

The fragments are received randomly from Green Kobold's Secret Pouch, which were dropped by Kobolds during the 2010 Christmas Event.

The Rudolph Hat is awarded for finishing the quest, even though it is not listed as a reward.

Story Dialogue
Talk to Shayla at the Forge in Colhen.
Shayla (NPC Icon).png Shayla

Have you ever seen a Green Kobold?

Haha, no, not a frozen blue Kobold or a sickly green Kobold, but a Kobold that actually has green skin.

These Kobolds are very rare, and they really do not get along with the other Kobolds.

If you were to go to Hoarfrost Hollow right now, you would actually find green Kobolds.

Well, okay, not the REAL green ones.
They're just dressing up like green ones.

Isn't that strange?
Now why do you think they're pretending to be

green Kobolds, the ones they treat as outcasts?

Then go see them and bring me back all 4 of the puzzle pieces that they are carrying.

When you bring all of the pieces back to me, I'll tell you what's really going on.

Gather all fragments (Christmas Fragment 1, Christmas Fragment 2, Christmas Fragment 3, Christmas Fragment 4) from the Kobold with green skin and deliver them to Shayla.
Shayla (NPC Icon).png Shayla

I bet it was difficult to obtain all of them...
Hehe, this is why I like you.

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Delivered [[Christmas Fragment 1|Christmas Fragment 1]]
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Delivered [[Christmas Fragment 2|Christmas Fragment 2]]
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Delivered [[Christmas Fragment 3|Christmas Fragment 3]]
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Delivered [[Christmas Fragment 4|Christmas Fragment 4]]
Shayla (NPC Icon).png Shayla

Alright, here's the story.
I've heard that, long ago, Kobolds never worked together at all.

One day, when a green Kobold was born, then Kobolds got together and agreed that they all hated the green Kobold most.

With that agreement, they realized that they were capable of

So, they started to color their faces green, in remembrance
of the poor outcast that brought them together.

Of course, who's to say if the story is true.
We don't know where this story began, or even if any such events

actually took place.
But how about that, huh?

The one hated pariah becomes the inspiration for all...
(Shayla trails off, lost in thought, until she sees you staring.)

Haha... Well, there's your heartwarming tale of the year.
Here, a gift to remind you of my story.

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Reward: Rudolph Hat
Shayla (NPC Icon).png Shayla

I knew it...
Isn't this nice once in a while?