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SP Decimation.png


Increases damage by 35%.
Increases your chance of knocking down opponents by 7%.
- Concentrate your energy to charge at the nenemy with this smash attack.
- The attack is divided into 3 stages based on the amount of time spent building up the energy.
Stage 1: Attacks while moving forward.
Stage 2: Attacks while leaping forward. You're not interrupted by enemies while moving.
Stage 3: Dashes toward an enemy within range and attacks from the rear. Weak enemies can be defeated with a single blow. If the enemy is defeated, press the button to follow up with Decimation on another enemy. There is a cooldown for stage 3 of Decimation. Stage 3 converts to stage 2 during this cooldown.
- You can concentrate energy from Decimation while moving.
- If the skill is added to the Quick Slot, you can immeditely activate Decimation stage 3 by consuming SP. If the conditions for stage 3 aren't met, stage 1 will be activated instead.

Mouse: Hold down and let go of [TAB]
Keyboard: Hold down and let go of [TAB]
Can be bound to a Quick Slot or selected with [X] and activated with [Z].

Addictional Details[edit | edit source]

  • Grimden skill only.
    • Increase Damage
    • Increase Knockdown Rate

Skill Preview[edit | edit source]