Christmas Poison Pistol (Item)

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Christmas Poison Pistol.png
Christmas Poison Pistol
Adventurer Kit Sell Price: 0 Gold (Icon).png

The Christmas gifts must be defended! Use this Poison
Pistol in the Christmas battle event.
It has great range, and slows down the target.
Can be used by all characters.
Summoned pistol lasts for 4 minutes.

Untradeable (Icon).png This item cannot be traded.

How to Obtain

Collect from the random box crate during the battle Defend the Goodies!.

  • Summons a mana pistol that shoots poison with a slowing effect. Looks the exact same as Evie's Alchemy Kit: Mana Pistol
  • Lasts for 4 minutes.
  • Only usable during the battle. It is removed from your quick slot afterwards.