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General[edit | edit source]

Players are able to purchase different Pets from the Supply Depot that can aid the player in battle, except for the 24-man raid battles. All pets can attack enemies in battle, in addition to other abilities based on the species of pet. A single Pet can be used by any other characters on the same account. Pets are useable for 2 hours a day, with the time resetting at 8 PM EST. When this time has been used, you can no longer bring them into battles. Pets can gain experience and level up, gaining better attributes and statistics. Pets are level capped at 30.

Pets have 'equipment' in the form of Gems that are also bought from the Supply Depot. These come in the form of Relentless Assault Gem (30 days), Thick Hide Gem (30 days), and Life-Giver Gem (30 days). They can be equipped onto a pet by right-clicking them, and will either boost your pet's ATT, your DEF, or give your pet the ability to automatically revive itself every 30 seconds.

Pets can die in battle, but can be revived with a Revival Feather or Life-Giver Gem (30 days). They will still gain experience even when dead, but will be unable to attack, use skills, or use their species abilities. When a pet gets too hungry, they will refuse to use their skills or species abilities, but will still be able to gain experience.

Gremlins[edit | edit source]

All gremlins are able to boost your DEF and loot items for you. Items that are out of reach by the player can be picked up by pet Gremlins, as long as its fullness is higher than 29.

Bears[edit | edit source]

All bears are able to use various roars to help attack enemies, or provide healing or buffs to your character.

Wolves[edit | edit source]

All Wolves increase the SP and Critical Rate of the owner.

Junior Chieftains[edit | edit source]

All Junior Chieftains have the ability to mine Ore for your character, as well as use offensive skills.

If you dance (F6), cheer (F8), cry (F9), or sit (F11) the chieftain will do the same.