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Pet Gremlin[edit source]

Players are able to purchase different Pet Gremlins from the Supply Depot that can aid the player in battle. Pet Gremlins can automatically loot items, attack enemies and provide helpful buffs to the player that owns it. A single Pet Gremlin can be used by any other characters on the same account. Pet Gremlins are useable for 2 hours a day, with the time resetting at 8 PM EST. Pet Gremlins can gain experience and level up, gaining better attributes and statistics. Pet Gremlins are level capped at 30.

When the 2 hours is used, you can still summon pets in town but cannot bring it to the battle. Pets also can't be summoned in 24-man raids.

There are five different types of Pet Gremlins: Tiny, Punk, War, Forest and Ghost. Tiny Gremlins are the cheapest to purchase and look adorable are are orange. Punk Gremlins cost a little bit more than Tiny Gremlins and look mean and are purple. War Gremlins are the most expensive and wear a gray metal helmet and brown chest plate. Forest Gremlins cost the same as Punk Gremlins and are pink with a green leaf on their head. Ghost Gremlins are the same price as War Gremlins and wear a brown sack outfit with blue glowing eyes. They don't have any legs and can float.

Pet Gremlins can die in battle, but can be revived with a Revival Feather or Life-Giver Gem (30 days). They will still gain experience even when dead, but will be unable to use skills, loot items or attack enemies. Pet Gremlins that get too hungry will refuse to loot items, but can still gain experience. Pet Gremlins can be fed with Normal Pet Feed or Premium Pet Feed. Items that are out of reach by the player can be picked up by pet Gremlins, provided the pet has it's fullness above 29.

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