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Inner armor is armor, which change your character looks.
Inner armor change your character inner outfit.
This armor is visible if you don't have any armor or if you in Hot Springs.

You have basic inner armor selected from begining. In Avatar Shop you can buy other with better design.
All inner armors cost NX. You can bought to 30 day or to pernament.

Each of the character have up to 50 inner aromrs to select.Each of the character have up to 50 inner armors to select. If you want find inner armor to specific character, you can use at the function ctrl + f and find by character name.

Below is all inner armors from the game Vindictus:
Lann Inner Armors
Evie Inner Armors
Fiona Inner Armors
Karok Inner Armors
Kai Inner Armors
Vella Inner Armors
Arisha Inner Armors
Lynn Inner Armors
Hurk Inner Armors
Sylas Inner Armors
Delia Inner Armors
Miri Inner Armors
Grimden Inner Armors

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