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The Catapults is a land-based weapon like ballista. Currently they are only used at Colru the Golem and Earthborn Seal/Guardian of the East. They are mainly used to stun the boss, but it can be used to dealt damage. Unlike the Ballista where it only aims side-to-side, the Catapult can also aim up or down.

At Colru the Golem the launcher must be loaded with rocks that Colru throws, which divides into two pieces of ammunition for the weapon, however the broken rocks are very fragile. The catapult only hold three rocks at a time. Players can then mount the Catapult, aim, and fire as if it were like a secondary weapon. They are used to knock down Craftsman Colru, and if hit in the right spot, can cause a Break Off. A single hit will deal 10000 damage to Colru.

In Earthborn Seal/Guardian of the East it automatically reloads with unlimited ammo. Instead of being used to knock down Siglint from the air, Catapults are used to break his petrified form. A single hit will deal only 100 damage to Siglint, so it is not recommended to use them to deal damage to him unless you are of low level.