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Please remember to report all bugs on this page!

If a bug is listed, please assume it has already been reported. This cuts down the amount of tickets for the same issue, allowing more bugs to make it to Nexon's development team, devCAT.

Current Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • In some quests an action is required by making the player achieve a title, such as Bomb Tossin' Pro, Strong Supporter, and the second weapon class titles. Sometimes the NPC that assigns the quest will respond as though you don't have the title, despite the fact that the story button has a punctuation mark above it, and will still ignore you even if you are wearing the title. The best solution is to relog and talk to the NPC again.
  • A character wielding their class's alternate weapon (Hammer Fiona, Spear Lann, Scythe Evie) will sometimes glitch and use their original weapon (Sword Fiona, Sword Lann, Staff Evie) attacks.
  • If you leave the market place by walking away from the pig your character will run uncontrollably for some time. (The Marketplace window may or may not be up at this point.)
    • The easiest way to deal with it is to turn your camera towards a building and go inside.
    • Alternatively just press the key controlling the direction you are running toward (Ex. If you're running east press the D key).
  • Your friends list may incorrectly display whether friends are online or not, making chatting with them impossible. You are still able to talk to them by any other means.
  • Minor text issues and misspellings through various NPCs, Tip Messages, Quests.
    • When Nyle first tells you about the Blood Prince there is a "\m" after your name. (So it Reads: "[Name].\mYou must further investigate Ainle...)
    • When asking Nyle about "reinvestigation" without having it done his text has no ending. (He lists the missions then says "or")
  • It is possible to get stuck in a shop after pressing the exit button. Exiting to the main menu and logging back in fixes this issue. You could also enter either the depot or avatar shop and exit, allowing you to exit the shop.
  • On some maps, monsters may fly up into the air for no reason. Caused by the ragdoll model clipping through the ground then turning solid and being forced out of it.
    • Often happens with spiders.
  • Titles will not show change in progress until either the player completes the requirements or the player re-logs.
  • When logging out of one character and logging into another, your chat log will not clear.
  • Sometimes when picking up an object your character may be holding it wrong. This happens when one object is on top on another.
  • It is possible to pick up certain icicle objects and have them disappear right afterwards. Only happens with broken medium icicles.
  • Dungeons are occasionally unfinished after completing them, no battle finished screen appears. Game must be quit to leave the dungeon, because the forfeit button doesn't function properly.
  • When forfeiting a dungeon sometimes, the game will display an error about disconnection and prevent you from leaving the dungeon unless they exit to main page or quit the game.
  • Monsters, objects and items will occasionally fall through the map and become unreachable, sometimes preventing the completion of that dungeon.
    • If this happens with a "Finish" and the corpse is still visible you are sometimes still be able to kick it and have the evil core come out even though the "Finish" marker is under the floor; however right clicking usually does not work as it seems to use the "Finish" marker to know whether it should finish or smash.
    • If this occurs and kicking does not work there are several remedies
      • Evie's Firebolt will sometimes hit the "Finish" causing an evil core to spawn at ground level
      • Similarly Lann's Fanning Slash rank 9 shockwave finisher can sometimes catch a lost "Finish"
      • Picking up any item and throwing it at the corpse will often bring the "Finish" back up to ground level where a subsequent kick will spawn an evil core
  • The physics engine messes up sometimes, and monsters and objects will fly around everywhere based on the host. This rarely happens.
  • The Gnoll Chieftain in Perilous Ruins can get "stuck" in one place till you knock him down.
  • (The) Reaper in Blood Prince can get clipped in one location until he's knocked down.
  • After killing the boss in "Goliath," the camera may zoom out from your character to an extreme degree after the boss killing snap-shots are made.
  • In a similar bug, one of Gwynn's chitchat comments is not translated and is still in Korean.
  • Very rarely, your camera may lock onto another character as though you are dead when using /escape.
  • Sometimes when sprinting into items on a boat you may walk inside them and even break them while walking through them.
  • Walking against a wall will speed up your movement. This is a known bug with the Source engine.
  • Sometimes when you look up at the sky, it turns black until you look back down.
  • Sometimes trees are covered in squares.
    • This usually occurs if you alt-tab out of the Vindictus window in the midst of loading.
  • Some players are unable to see any fish on the fishing boat.
  • Shayla has text issues for the quest "Memories" near the end. They're in Korean.
  • Tieve and Arthyen will sometimes say errors when doing Arthyen's Story.
  • Tokens will sometimes incorrectly to appear to be nonexistent despite coins such as crimson and platinum tokens showing in the Cash tab. Reinstalling the game fixes this glitch. {Tokens have sence been removed from the game}
  • When reaching the top of a ladder while in a party, a character may stutter and fall to the bottom of the ladder. This is lag-related.
  • Guild sometimes does not load upon log-in.
  • When you d/c and then log back in without closing the game, it will not show you in a guild, and also you wont be able to use guild chat, but in both character info and in guild home, you will still be in your guild.
  • When spawned some mobs will be knocked down, or fall back as if they have been hit with a smash.
  • Decline button when someone requests to assist you does not work.
  • When the game is running in full screen mode (not full screen res mode which is actually windowed mode at your full desktop resolution) the windows that use Internet Explorer will cause to screen to flicker and be very slow while opening and closing. This includes the Marketplace, the Depot, and the news board in town or on the docks.
  • Having DPI settings set will cause the windows taskbar to remain on top of Vindictus when it is running in Full Screen Res mode.
    • Note: Windows 7 has a compatibility option for disabling DPI settings while a program is running. Older version of windows allow you to disable the "Always on top" behavior of the taskbar by right clicking it, selecting properties, and unchecking "Keep the taskbar on top of other windows" (this feature was removed in Windows 7 however). In either case "Auto-hide the task bar" is also an option if one finds it usable. If one cannot find their taskbar while using these fixes push the windows key on the keyboard as it is still there and was only making itself less conspicuous.
  • The last storage tab from Cash Shop cannot be used.
  • Boat ride counter does not reset unless you restart the game.
  • Constant server failure.
  • When scrolling through titles, there is a chance the list will start scrolling uncontrollably. Close and re-open the game to fix this bug.

Fixed Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Skill: Magic Mastery quest does not work.
  • Players are unable to get on a boat if the player's account is listed as under 18.
  • Durability loss does not always save after leaving an instance (is not to be confused with the no durability loss in the Perilous Ruins)
  • Fixed text error when making friend request.
  • Fixed text error in the Shire Cat Shop dialogue.
  • Goddess Grace is now available only to characters below Level 5, as intended.
  • Pressing the "\" key no longer removes User Interface
    • Pressing "-" on the number pad now does
  • All the boats are still bugged, but the quests for the 3rd boat have been removed. (They have been Readded with the 1.06 Patch with the official implementation of Ainle)
  • The Strange Traveler NPC at the inn no longer has missing dialog text and will not display an error anymore.
  • Silver Tokens were redistributed every few hours, which was the unintentional time.
  • Forgotten missions which are carried out later with higher levels often do not finish.
    • Example: the battle Friends?' bonus mission, get spiked gnoll club, appears as unresolved after completing.
  • The auto collect tokens buttons are sometimes in Korean.
  • Tokens have been removed from the game.

Intentional Features[edit | edit source]

Note: These are not bugs but are an intentional part of the game.

  • Players are able to pick up boss's weapons when they are defeated.