Blood Silk Set

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Blood Silk Gloves.png Blood Silk Gloves Blood Silk Shoes.png Blood Silk Shoes
Blood Silk Headband.png Blood Silk Headband Blood Silk Skirt.png Blood Silk Skirt
Blood Silk Tunic.png Blood Silk Tunic
Set Bonus

2 Pieces: DEF +21, HP +35
3 Pieces: DEF +42, HP +50
4 Pieces: DEF +63, HP +65
5 Pieces: DEF +84, HP +80

Total Set Effects (without Set Bonus)
DEF+494.0 AGI+32.0 INT+138.0 Critical Resistance+22.0
Full Set Restrictions
Level: 13
Rank: Cloth Armor Proficiency Rank F
Weight: 5.0 stones
Class: Lann, Fiona, Evie, Vella, Lynn, Arisha

Method to Obtain[edit source]

Crafted by Clodagh after completing the battle Wake Up Call.

Tailoring Recommended Proficiency: 110-130
Material (Icon).png Materials


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Blood Silk Set (Lann 1).png
Blood Silk Set (Lann 2).png
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