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Black Pearl Set

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Black Pearl Set
Light / Heavy armor set
349 stones
Leather Pirate Helmet.png
Black Pearl Helmet
Leather Pirate Mail.png
Black Pearl Mail
Leather Pirate Greaves.png
Black Pearl Greaves
Leather Pirate Gauntlets.png
Black Pearl Gauntlets
Leather Pirate Boots.png
Black Pearl Boots
Total Stats (including Bonus)
STR +736
INT +65
AGI +291
WIL +237
Defense +5,465
Critical Resistance +74
Set Bonus
  • 2 Pieces: DEF +202, STR +68
  • 3 Pieces: DEF +222, STR +92
  • 4 Pieces: DEF +297, STR +120
  • 5 Pieces: DEF +375, STR +150
Restriction (Icon).png
For levels 80 and above.
Available for Lann, Evie, Fiona, Kai, Vella, Lynn, Arisha, Sylas.

Total Cost[edit | edit source]


Crafted by Turhan after completing the battle quest From the Depths

Fee: 1,020,000 Gold (Icon).png
Exquisite Iron Ore.png Exquisite Iron Ore x 30
Superior Leather.png Exquisite Leather x 120
Red Lakoria Poison Flask.png Red Lakoria Poison Flask x 100
Lakoria Stomach Exoskeleton.png Lakoria Stomach Exoskeleton x 100
Lakiora Hide.png Lakoria Hide x 10
Kraken Tentacle Spike.png Kraken Tentacle Spike x 50
Kraken Fang.png Kraken Fang x 10


Information needed.

Set Pieces[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Subtype Level Proficiency Rank Sell DEF STR AGI INT WIL RES STA HP

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Icon Name Type Subtype Level Proficiency Rank Sell DEF STR AGI INT WIL RES STA HP

Image Gallery[edit | edit source]